My Second Post - Tweeking!

Ok I am back today which in itself is a miracle as my little angels are on holiday, bless their cotton socks and skull print leggings.

After consulting with Obi-Wan last night my first attempts where praised to high heaven and many words like fantastic, epic, wonderful (you get the idea) where not bandied about!!  I am today tweeking (not twerking Miley fans) adding my Pinterest feed, adding blogs I love and generally figuring out what all the buttons down the sides do.

I am quite computer savvy but being faced with the many many many options on's dashboard is a little daunting, even more when it is on a tiny iphone screen which is why today I am going old school on the laptop and to be honest my eyes are very thankful for the break!

I hope to attempt to write a review today about a great book I have recently read called Article 5 by Kristen Simmons so you have lots of rambling to look forward to and a lot of not really getting to the point, right better go need to clean my spotless house!

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