Review - The Lego Movie (it's awesome!!)

My youngest daughter turned 5 on Wednesday and we promised to take her and her big sister to see the cinema and there was only one film that would satisfy their viewing needs, that’s right The Lego Movie.

Now I was looking forward to seeing this but yesterday the most horrifying thing happened, my husbands lego box that my mother in law had kept in a dusty cupboard came to my house and as it was thirty years old it needed a bit of a clean. I totally underestimated the amount of lego that was in the box and after washing it for two hours in the bath I was sick to death of the sight of it, the thought of seeing a film about the stuff was not high on my to do list at that point.
Fast forward to today and I summoned up more enthusiasm to watch it and I am glad I did, it’s a brilliant film with lots of annoyingly catchy tunes including the brilliant “Everything is awesome”.
My kids enjoyed it and I enjoyed it, hubby not so keen, it will make a fortune for the film company and Lego (my pair have already conned me in to buying six lucky dip figure packets), it brings back great memories of playing with it as a kid and I’m looking forward to “assisting” my kids when they are building their creations.
Let’s just hope none of us step on a brick.

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