Disney's Animal Kingdom - Rollercoasters, Rapids & Rainforests

I am busy planning our next holiday to the Sunshine State and I wanted to talk about Disney's Animal Kingdom which is my favourite park and show you how great it is, I wanted to start of with the rides it has to offer but first of all, why is it my favourite park?
  1. It's lush and green
  2. It's full of amazing animals
  3. The cast members are lovely
  4. Its home to my favourite Disney gift shop
  5. The Wilderness Explorers (Remember the film Up? You get to earn badges, its fab!)
  6. Rainforest Cafe and its superb food and gift shop
  7. Dug the Dog is here!
  8. It is home to my favourite coaster Expedition Everest.
Everest is not really that scary but anything that goes backwards in the dark and does it quickly whilst only being restrained with a bar gets my vote (on another note the pre-ride is an education in itself), I am at that stage in planning were I find myself on YouTube wistfully reminiscing of the rides at Disney and this time I thought I would share them with you too!

So as I said I am going to start with the Animal Kingdom and what it has to offer, Starting off with the big attractions on this post, I will cover the shows like The Lion King and Finding Nemo, along with Its Tought To Be A Bug in a future post but for now these are the results of my YouTube browsing!

This videos come from iThemeParks channel on YouTube.

Expediton Everest is amazing, its fast, it goes fast, it goes backwards and there is a big scary Yeti, I have been on it three times and it never gets old, the theming is fantastic and the walk up to the ride has such amazing attention to detail, when my family go to Florida its usually off season so its pretty much a walk on but if you go during peak season it is worth the wait! Below shows the ride during the day and during the night, I have never ridden it at night but hope to do so during this holiday.

Dinosaur is a good ride but can be pretty intense for young kids, if you are a CSI fan watch out for a familiar face in the pre-show.  Now I am on the wrong side of 30 and it was a little frightening for me but it was good and the dinosaur from the film Dinosaur is outside in all his glory.

Kali River Rapids is a great ride and I always get soaked!  If you have smaller kids there is a booster seat option on the raft plus there is a handy bit in the middle of the raft for storing (and keeping dry) your bits and bobs.  My only complaint, I wish it was longer!

Primeval Whirl, Now I must admit I didn't get to ride this as my kids where not big enough but it looks good and I hope to try it this time.

So that end this post, as I said I will put together another post soon about other attractions here.

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