Game of Thrones Season 4: Trailer 1

If like me you have read all the books, watched the tv series and set up a Pinterest board dedicated to the wonder that is Game of Thrones then you will be eagerly awaiting the arrival of series 4 next month on UK screens.

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I started watching and reading Game of Thrones at the same time two years ago and being a fan of Tolkien I thought I would give this try.  To be honest when I saw the maps at the start of the book I was hooked as this is one of things I love about LOTR.  It has everything - family, love, sex, murder, revenge, dragons, dwarves, a great big wall, and most importantly a vast world to explore through the books and characters to meet.  I am eagerly awaiting the next book but according to the oracle that is Wikipedia, Mr Martin takes a while between books.  Talking about Mr Martin he kinda reminds me a bit of Gandalf but that could be the big bushy beard!

Anyway roll on next month and the return to Westeros!


  1. I am STOKED for April 6th! Wait until you see my next series of cupcakes. I think you're going to love them. :)

  2. OOOohh can't wait, does this mean two of my favourite things? Cupcakes and Game of Thrones? If there is a Jon Snow flavour I am there!! We have to wait till the 7th of April!!! Thanks for commenting!


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