Great Books 2014

I was just looking through my diary and I realised I have a lot of great books coming this year and I thought I would share them with you!

This is the third book in the fantastic Daughter of Smoke & Bone trilogy, I have read the first book in this and am waiting for this to arrive and I am going to read the three books in one go, Laini Taylor is so good at conjuring up the landscapes of the novel and it had me looking through Pinterest for pictures of Prague plus ever since I read it I see more and more women with blue hair - a coincidence?  Scheduled for release April 2014

After thoroughly enjoying Defiance, I have once more waited till the third book comes out so I can read them all together (its a habit, I'm sorry!!),  The first book in this series set up this trilogy nicely, it centres upon Rachel who lives in a walled city which protects her and the rest of its inhabitants from the cursed one.  The city however is ruled by a tyrant of a man who Rachel crosses swords with, her protection comes in the form of Logan.  I don't want to give to much away but this is a thrilling dystopian novel and I look forward to reading it all in one greedy go!

I am looking forward to this, I have rest most of Charlaine's work and especially enjoyed Sookie of course and Aurora Teagarden this book I believe brings some characters from previous novels and places them in the town of Midnight, Texas.  She is a fantastic storyteller and I will admit I hated the way she ended Sookie but I will forgive her! I am looking forward to its release which keeps changing but Amazon shows as May just now.

Like the Laini Taylor book I read the first book in this trilogy and then held of reading the second book until this comes out, I find that by the time the last book comes out I have forgotten whats happened so like to read them in one go.  This is a superb dystopian set in the future where babies die shortly after being born and their is a race of part human part cyborgs called Partials who are responsible for a virus that has killed most of mankind and seems to be responsible for the short life span of the babies, our main character is Kira and she sets of on a journey to get to the bottom of this all, set for release in July.

The first book had a huge viral campaign before it was released and it reeled me in so after I downloaded the sampler from Amazon and loved it, I treated myself to the whole book.  It is a great book again set in the future (cannot help it I love them) where the earth has been wiped out in waves by The Others, it is a gripping read and I am so looking forward to this one, scheduled for September contrary to the picture above which states May which I would be happy with as September is ages away!

Booo! No cover for this one yet and that is one of the best things about these books!, this will be the 5th book in this series following the story of Katy and the gorgeous Daemon Black oh and by the way he is an alien!, and their fight against the bad guys in various different forms (trying not to give much away!) I gather this is the last in the series and I am looking forward to seeing how this series finished, Scheduled for September.

This is the third installment in the Earth series which again set in the future when humanity has moved of planet but there is still some humans left on earth who are classed as disabled as the cannot live off planet.  Our heroine this time is Jarra and she has become a universal celebrity due to her heroics and the fact she has found love with a "norm" which is somebody who was born off planet.  Look up the first two books they are a great read and the second book dealt with an incoming alien object.  This is scheduled for August.

And that is that for just now I will go away and think "crap I forgot this one and crap that one too"!  If you have not read any of these books go forth and read you wont regret it!


  1. I wonder if you'd like The Long Earth by Terry Pratchett & someone else. I read it last year and really liked it. And on a different note, read Cherry Cake & Ginger Beer by Jane Brocket

    1. Thank you for your reply velcro! I love Terry Pratchett and will add both to my wish list, thanks for reading


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