My Very First Post!

Hello World!

Or more likely Hello Heather from the future reading this again.
I have been inspired to start a blog after getting addicted to Pinterest last year and discovering pinners with amazing blogs.

I apologise for rambling, bad punctuation and random facts.

I thought about how to do this before hand and thought I should ponder each thing I write but have been advised just to be spontaneous so that is what I shall do however the one thing I will think about is a snappy blog name (21/2/14 - have added Random Redheaded Ramblings - what do you think?)
In an ideal world I would love to do this a couple of times a week but that will never happen as I have two young kids so in that case see you next year (joking!!), but I want to blah on about my loves - family, food, books, nerdy crafty stuff, to be honest the list is long, so please bear with me and I hope to be back with more stuff soon x

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