Once Upon a Time - When will we see series 3?

Ok I will be honest with you I started watching this a couple of weeks a go and have quickly worked my way through it (currently on the beanstalk episode!) and have fallen in love with it, its fab!

I have been trying to find out when series 3 is going to be shown as it is currently on in the states but I am led to believe Channel 5 who showed it over here have not picked it up, hopefully it will be on iTunes or similiar.

Anyway I highly recommend it, it reminds me a little of Lost with its flashbacks, this could be down to them sharing some crew including actors.

The premise is that the town of Storybrooke's  inhabitants are fairy tale characters (Snow White, Belle, Prince Charming etc) who because of a curse set by Regina the Evil Queen do not know they are from a different realm and no nothing of their history and carry out their lives normally as you and me!

The story kicks off with the main character Emma receiving a visit from a young boy named Henry and this leads up to discover Storybrooke.

I wont give to much away but if you love fantasy and fairy tales this will be for you!

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