Outstanding Pinterest Explorer!! - Yes Me!!

So excited to be awarded this today!!

As well as my love of all things bookish I also love food, like love it, view my pinterest boards (see sidebar) and you will see how obsessed I am.  My main love of food is for sweet things, Macarons, Cheesecakes and most especially those cute little hugs in a cute case, Cupcakes!!

I am a member of the Cupcake Project and I am one of their explorers who go forth on the internet and explore high and low for gorgeous yummy cupcakes to be pinned to their many boards, if this is something that you would like to contribute to click on the icon on my sidebar!

A big thanks to Rebecca Hubbell, Jeanette and Stefani!

Now you must excuse me I feel a pinning session coming on!


  1. You're awesome! Thanks for all the awesome pinning you do. I don't know when you sleep!

    And I finally found your blog again. It's looking fabulous! In fact, I am quite jealous. :)

  2. Glad you found it, had probs with my old site!! I love Pinterest so much and its been so great to meet all you guys, yes I do sleep believe me!!! (but in dream of my great virtual pinboard!!!!) Thanks for stopping by!!


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