Review – Article 5 by Kristen Simmons

Last week I received in the post the third book in the Article 5 series (Called Three) and because it has been so long since I had finished reading the second book (Breaking Point) I made the decision to go back and read the first in the series – Article 5.
This book had first appeared on my radar as I had started reading a lot of Young Adult novels of the dystopian persuasion and Amazon kept recommending it to me.
Like a lot of books of this genre this is set in the near future after a catastrophic event/s has shattered everyday life.
The main character is Ember who is 17 and lives with her Mother in what was the United States, after a series of events the big cities have been bombed and a new government has taken over and with this new government comes a new set of rules or articles and these are governed by the Federal Bureau of Reformation.
These articles are set out with what seems to be extreme moral family values in mind and as Ember lives with just her mother they are in direct violation of one of the Articles.
Sorry I am trying to write this with spoiling any of it for you, anyway I digress, because of Ember’s mother breaking one of the rules/articles Ember is taken away to a boarding school and during the lead up to this she comes in to the path of her childhood love Chase (who sounds quite hot) but unfortunately he works for the bureau as a soldier.
The story continues with some of the horrors of the boarding school and the people who live there but luckily with a little help Ember manages to escape.
The book from there on deals with Ember’s struggle to stay hidden away from the cruel bureau.
Even though I am not in the intended audience for this book which I imagine is probably 14-20, I really enjoyed it and have went on to read the second book which I will review once I finish it.
My only gripe with these books is basically why is it only this one girl (and its usually a girl) who can stop the bad guys?, but apart from that I would give it 4 out of 5.

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    See part of me is tempted to read it and I am sure I would enjoy it, and the other part is,like you, getting tired of the one special person plot line. And also why do they never have normal, boring names


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