Review - The Beginning of the End by Mindy Larson

Wow, this is a short prequel novella but it sets the scene nicely for the next book - This Morning I Woke Up Dead.

It starts with Emerson and her boyfriend Logan, very much in love but unfortunately her mother disagrees with her choice of boyfriend.  

All is well until the worst happens and Logan dies in an accident leaving Emerson distraught, even more so as she is carrying his child.

We also meet Dominic and Hadley, he is Emerson's brother and she is his fiancé.  Working at the hospital Hadley has an Alzheimer's patient who keeps telling her that they are not alive, understandably shaken by this she continues as normal but I think reading between the lines she knows something isn't right!

Never judge a book by its cover, and in this case it's true!  I may have pegged this one as a 100% romance, though having read the book I can see where the cover is coming from (read it to find out!!). It's excellent and Mindy has done a fantastic job at setting the scene for the main event in This a Morning I Woke Up Dead.  

I will be reviewing TMIWUD next week and also am excited to say that a third book is in the pipeline with a release May/June 2014!

Awarded 5 out of 5

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