Review - Karma of the Silo by Patrice Fitzgerald

Karma of the Silo by Patrice Fitzgerald

This year I read a phenomenal series called Wool, you may have read it, you may not, if you are in the latter please go out and read it.  If you are in the former you may be having Silo withdrawal symptoms, you may feel the need to discover what went on in the other silos, you definitely have unanswered questions, you need to know what happened!

Now after finishing Dust I was tempted to go back and read all three books again but something caught my eye on Amazon's recommendations for me a series called Karma of the Silo - Step in Patrice Fitzgerald! 

A whole new story based in Silo 2 and it revolves around Karma and her life in the depths of the decimated world.

We follow Karma from her early life in Silo 2, we meet her as a young woman recently pregnant and working in the Silo laundry.  After a visit to the doctor she is advised not to drink the water and warned she may experience hallucinations.  

But she does not have hallucinations, she starts remembering - she remembers Donald, she remembers the explosions, she remembers that she does not belong in the silo, she remembers that the sky used to be blue and she remembers that her name is Helen.

She is/was the wife of congressman Donald Keene - remember him from Silo 1?  And remember Mick? Donald's friend, well he now goes by the name of Rick and has become Helen's husband.

The story follows Karma/Helen as she raises her daughter Athena and son Mars with Rick who has the ominous job of Head of IT (if you have read Wool you will know what this entails) and of course there is a lot of secrecy that goes with it.

Karma/Helen has secrets of her own, she has stopped drinking the water supply all together after discovering that the water is drugged to keep the denizens of the silo from remembering and uprising.  She is remembering a lot, she also discovers that she is not alone and that throughout the vast depths of the silo others are remembering too.  

She is now a teacher and she sets up an "art" class as a cover meeting with children who remember but she hides the fact from her husband who never discusses the past with her.

As the years progress she becomes a grandmother and we meet her on Mars wedding day to Ruth but unfortunately an incident in the depths breaks up the celebration.  Rick and Mars leave the wedding to head down to IT to try and put a stop to the violence.  

They are led to believe those responsible are from the down deep but it looks like the revolt could have been caused by someone closer to home.  Karma, Rick and Mars find themselves locked in the hidden IT room with two of their adversaries.   After a couple of incidents they finally manage to leave the secret room and discover things have changed, people have died, lives have been ruined.

I won't reveal too much more as I want you to read this book but things change drastically in the silo, secrets are discovered and plans are set in motion to take back the silo from the control of Silo 1.

Patrice has really brought to life the inhabitants of Silo 2, Helen really is an important character and I always wondered what had happened to her after the bombs went off.  The saddest thing of all was her old love Donald was literally a short walk away carrying out his lonely shifts.

The world of Wool is vast, each silo has its own story to tell. I look forward to reading more from the Wooliverse and also from Patrice.  

This is a great book and I strongly recommend you download it now for your Wool fix.

Awarded 5 out of 5

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