Review – The Legend of Zelda, Link Between Worlds 3DS

Many many years ago I was given for my birthday a toy that changed my whole gaming experience, the Nintendo Gameboy.
I still remember the excitement of opening the box and the thrill of anticipation as I took the Tetris cartridge and gently placed it in the top of the Gameboy, gingerly switched it on and watched those blocks fall, from those early moments I was hooked.
But like all good things I needed a new challenge and that came in the form of a game that I knew nothing about apart from the box looked good, that game was The Legend of Zelda – Link’s Awakening.
It was amazing, I had never played a game like it, I am embarrassed to say I even pretended to be ill to get off school to play it and Duracell must have made a fortune off me the amount of AA batteries I went through.
I just loved having this world to explore and all the cute characters to engage with.
However I got older and got a job and my gaming days where few and far between and my game boy lay untouched for a long long time until the dreaded day I decided to sell it on eBay to raise some cash for my holidays, no more zelda but with a heavy heart I stupidly parted with it.

Fast forward a few more years and a new kid was on the block, the Nintendo DS which I was given again for my birthday, my main reason was for this – Zelda was back in the Phantom Hourglass and I had to have it!
The first shock was the size of the DS cartridge then the fact it was all in colour, my game boy was the original black and white one, I remember starting to play it and it just all flooded back, the joy of exploration and the sheer size of the world you had to find your way through, two more games came after this, the Spirit Tracks and the 3d (for my new beautiful blue 3DS) ocarina of time, my love affair had been rekindled.

Which leads me to now, the newest 3DS game Link Between Worlds, which surprise surprise I got for my birthday again.
First impressions were good, even though I liked the Ocarina of Time, I missed the old school look of the game and the controls I found a little fidgety but this was more like the games of old, it looked and played beautifully.
In this game a bad guy has turned people in to paintings, namely Zelda and the sages, our brave Link has to battle the dungeons of Hyrule to save the princess and the sage’s before it’s too late.
Link has a nifty new trick in that he can merge in to walls which takes a bit of getting used to, I would find myself stuck forgetting I could merge in to a wall to cross an abyss, also you have most items to begin with which you rent with an option to buy later in the game, I would recommending buying as soon as possible because when you die you lose the item and have to go back and rent them again.
Part way through you leave Hyrule and start exploring Lorule which adds a great new spin to the game.
I haven’t even completed it yet but it feels so good to be playing this again and with every new game Nintendo really up the ante.
I also recently bough as a companion to the games the gorgeous Hyrule Historia book which I thoroughly recommend with it beautiful images and history of the series.
But anyway all in all I love it and I hope to be playing Zelda for a long long time.
Awarded 5 out of 5

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