Review - Manga Kawaii for Beginners by Christopher Hart

Front Cover
I had bought this book to learn to draw the cutesy Kawaii style figures that the Japanese (and me) love!, and I have to say this was well worth it.

This is a nice thick book with lots of gorgeous bright colour drawings in a variety of manga styles.

Some of the great designs from the book.
Some of the designs come with step by step instructions and some of them don't but the the pictures of the cutesy food are easy to figure out.

My daughters both love the book and frequently request cute food or little people.  My oldest also loves to take the book and attempt to draw them herself.  My attempts are below, not bad but not good either!!

My attempts at Manga stardom!

Christopher Hart has a whole series of these books and they all look gorgeous, my only gripe is they are a little expensive at around £15 each but I managed to get my copy for half of that from Amazon Warehouse.

All in all a great book for geeky adults like me and older children from 7 upwards.

Awarded 4 out of 5

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