Review - Mkingdon's Going Limp in Orlando Tour 2013 by Craig Williams

First of all I better explain that I like Florida a lot, in fact scratch that I freaking love Florida.  

I first visited nearly 11 years ago on my honeymoon and as a dewy eyed newlywed I fell in love with the area and since then I have been lucky enough to visit 5 times.  I love the Sunshine State (but not it's sinkholes but that could be the subject of another post) and back in 2009 I was having serious withdrawal symptoms as it had been 4 whole years since our last visit.  

These symptoms were caused by the arrival of DD1 and DD2, how inconsiderate of them, anyway my hubby decided that we would go back in 2010 and before he had a chance to change his mind it was booked.  

Now as we hadn't been since 2005 I went on t'internet to see what was new, what was cool and most important where and what to eat.  I discovered a website called the Dibb, a site devoted to the British traveller visiting Florida and it ticked all my boxes, it also had a section devoted to trip reports written by returning forum members who had recently been to Orlando. This forum has many many great reports and I have my favourites but the ones that stuck out the most where written by forum member Mkingdon aka Craig Williams.

Craig's trip reports detailing his families trip to Orlando are the stuff of legend, they are funny, the are full of amazing pictures and he does really good food porn too.

Last year I was disappointed (from following his blog) to discover that they would not be going on holiday but to my surprise and also his daughters surprise a trip had been secretly planned!  

Even better was I would be able to own a copy of the report in the form of this ebook.

He assures us that the title "going limp" is due to him and his wife Louise's aches and pains, but I will warn you he does like a wee double entendre now and again (actually who am I kidding there must be one on every page but I am not complaining). 

The book is everything I expect from Craig, its funny, it give a great detail of each day and it reads really well.  His is joined by his wife Louise (partial to red wine and sunbathing) and his teenage daughters Emily and Rebecca.  

The one great thing about his reports is every one has a picture of his daughters at his front door before they leave and of course over the course of several years they have grown up a lot!  I must admit I have nicked his tradition of doing this with my two daughters now, I do love the idea of taking a photo in the same place year after year.

I love his reports for the food description too, I always loved the Famous Five when I was a youngster and the desciption of food in those books was mouthwatering so I am please to see he tells us everyday what they have been having, me personally I want to go to Applebee's and try that deep fried cheesecake.

All in all though when it comes to Florida, Craig is an expert and this book is fantastic, if you are a Florida virgin or more seasoned like me you will love it, I recommend you buy it and you will be happy to know his earlier trip reports are also available to buy - Mkingdon's Tales of Family,Food and Florida and also he has ventured into the fiction market with All this and more which I look forward to reading, I have it on my wish list and will review shortly.

Well done Craig and I look forward to seeing more from you in the years to come.

Awarded 5 out of 5


  1. Have seen this doing the rounds on kindle store but haven't invested yet. After your recommendation I've added it to my wish list, I've also subscribed to both yours and his blogs !! Thanks for the review,


    1. Thanks for stopping by first of all and thanks for subscribing! Craig is really talented and I think you will enjoy it, let me now how you get on!


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