Review – Sanctum by Sarah Fine

This had been on my kindle for a while, I had started it about the same time I started re-reading Article 5 and as I got more engrossed in it this book got put to the side.

I came back to it the other night and I am glad I did. You may have noticed so far that I am a fan of these types of books – ie: strong damaged teenage girl type who falls for strong damaged gorgeous sexy teenage boy type, this is a love story of sort but is set in Hell.

Lela is said damaged teenage girl who is in the foster system, during her time at high school she meets Nadia who seems to be the perfect preppy princess type and they become best friends to the dismay of Nadia’s other pals.

Unfortunately it turn out that Nadia has a lot of demons of her own which result in her suicide, during this time we find out that Lela has been having visions of Nadia in a dark scary city and following Nadia’s death, feeling responsible Lela decides she needs to go to Nadia’s aide in this dark city and to do this she has to commit suicide.

After arriving in the city Lela gets captured by the guards and the fearsome leader Malachi who unlike the other guards is human, following various events Lela and Malachi try to find Nadia who has been captured by the Mazakin who are the enemies of the guards.

Lela and Malachi very much have a love / hate relationship but together they are a force to be reckoned with, and of course as the book progresses their relationship becomes more intense.

Sanctum is a thrilling read and keeps you engaged from the start!

I really enjoyed this book and will download the second book Fractured shortly!

Awarded 4 out of 5

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