Review - Sand by Hugh Howey

So I hope you all had a good weekend, I finally got Sand finished and after reading the Wool trilogy I was a little worried if it would live up to it's predecessor awesomeness.

If you didn't appreciate the claustrophobic setting of the silo you may not like the descriptions of being deep down in the sand and there is lots of sand!

Set in the future, everything is covered deeply by sand, skyscrapers of old are buried by hundreds of metres of sand and in this future living is hard and dangerous, some choose to make their living as sand divers using special suits to go down to treasures of old below.

The book revolves around one family, Victoria, Palmer, Conner and Rob along with their mother.  Their father is long gone.

The book starts with Palmer discovering the lost city of Danvar deep under the sand and we discover that the gentleman who hired him is a total crook!

As the story progresses we have POV's from most of the family and we find out more about the day to day lives unfortunately a series of events leads to their lives being in danger and they have to come together to survive.

Is it as good as Wool? It's probably unfair to make comparisons as it's an entirely different story but yes it's as good and the end sets it up nicely for another book, I look forward to seeing how it pans out.

Have you read any of Hugh's books? What did you think of them I would love to hear from you!

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