Review - Shift by Hugh Howey

Where do I begin?  

After being totally floored by the brilliance of Wool and I am not just saying that, I geared myself up to read Shift.  Now I am always a little nervous reading the second installment in a series, what if this book is not as good as the last?  Not to fear reader! There is no difference in the quality of this book but I will say please read Wool first as this is a prequel but at the end it does bring us in line with the end of Wool. 

This novel gives us a deeper insight about why the inhabitants of the silo are deep underground in the first place and it flits between the 21st and 22nd centuries to do this.

At the end of the last book it was discovered that there is more just the one silo, you discover that there are a lot more (but hah! you will have to read to find out exactly how many) and this book concentrates on Silo 1 which is the main silo.  Also you will note that Silo 1 is a lot different than Silo 18, I mean it has a lift (sorry elevator!) amongst other things!

In the 21st century we meet Donald Keene who is a member of Congress along with Senator Thurman, The Senator needs help with a project he is working on, a highly confidential project and he wants Donald to work on it, the project is for disposing of spent nuclear fuel in Georgia. But it becomes clear that the Senator's project is more that meets the eye.  Of course it turns out the construction is not for nuclear fuel and during a convention at the finished construction site nuclear bombs explode all around and the attendees have no other option than to enter the silos.

In the 22nd century a man called Troy awakes from being frozen, foggy about his past he is about to work a six month shift in Silo 1.  He gets fleeting memories of his past life but he is told to take a blue pill to help him forget.  On his shift it becomes apparent the there is trouble in the other silos and Silo 12 goes dark during this book.  Troy wants to remember more about his past and stops taking them which leads to him remembering more about the events of the convention in Georgia, he is eventually refrozen but when Silo 18 starts to have trouble he is re-awoken to assist.

The rest of the book is a pure treat, as usual I do not want to give to much away but we learn more about Silo 1 and what happened to Silo 17, there is so much more I could tell you about this book but it is such a delicious read I want you to enjoy it!!

Awarded 5 out of 5

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