Review - Silo Submerged by WJ Davies

Now you may have guessed from my review history that I am partial to anything Wool (that is the book not the ball of)related, having read the original story I have been overwhelmed by the continuation of the silo stories in such books as Karma of the Silo and now this brilliant book Silo Submerged by WJ Davies.

Now I am writing this hoping you have a little knowledge of what this world is about, no you don't? Okay quick recap!!

Bombs go off
People go underground to live in 144 floor deep silos
Population controlled by silo 1 and various drugs
All hell can potentially go off due to the various things that come with people living in close proximity underground
No knowledge of the world outside or other silos

I think that does it for my quick recap, read the books people they will fill you in!!

Anyway back to the main review, Silo Submerged in a word is fantastic, based in silo 35, we discover that this silo is flooding, many of the deep levels are totally gone.  

We meet Ace who is a talented diver who goes down to try and lessen the water level.  Ace has a secret which is frowned upon by the denizens of the silo in that he is in a relationship with another man Mick.  A same sex relationship is frowned on in the silo as it means no children will be born which the powers that be do not like.

Mick unfortunately is sent for cleaning and Ace is devastated but he continues his life until one day he has a near death experience whilst diving and he realises that something must be done, help must be sent for, they should not be living like this.  The Head of IT disagrees and because of his blasphemous opinions Ace must be sent to clean.  

Now this were the story really kicks off, Ace does not clean and outside he comes across the remains of his lover and unfortunately the people watching also see him make this discovery.  All hell breaks loose and people try to escape the silo which results in their death, whilst this happens Ace manages to get to silo 36 which is unheard of and that is where I will end my recap as I will end up spoiling the story for you!

This is story of love and a story of hope, the silo is such a formidable claustrophobic place how people manage to live there day after day is beyond me!

WJ Davies has done a fantastic job of expanding the WOOLiverse and I can honestly say I really enjoyed this book.  

Awarded 5 out of 5

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