Review - Wool by Hugh Howey

When I received my kindle back in November 2012 this was one of the first books I bought for my shiny new gadget however I didn't get around to reading till earlier this year - How I wish I had read it earlier.

This book really stopped me in my tracks, if you are prone to claustrophobia maybe don't read this book as most of the story is set in a silo - silo 18 to be exact, now when I heard "silo" I assumed like a grain silo but no it is a silo built underground, 144 floors deep underground.

The main character is Juliette who works in engineering in the down deep but becomes the silo Sheriff after the old one goes to "cleaning".

Cleaning is a term for going outside and the inhabitants only go outside if they have committed a crime or choose to go outside.  Once outside they have to clean the lenses of the cameras which beam to the video screen on floor 1 and they do this using wool pads.

Wool is part of a trilogy, originally this book was published in parts but I cheated and bought the omnibus. The first book sets up the scene nicely for what's to come.  

The story revolves around Juliette's ascent (literally) from engineering to the higher levels and her becoming the Sheriff.   There are a great many supporting characters such as Bernard the head of IT and in this silo it's really the IT floor who are in charge of the whole shebang, Bernard does not let anything get in his way, what he wants he gets well that's until Juliette starts to ask a lot of questions.

But unfortunately the questions she ask are against the law of the silo and Juliette is sentenced to cleaning.  

Now I won't go any further as I will give away major plot spoilers but I can honestly say I haven't read a book like this for ages, it is one of those books that  I thought about during the day and I felt a deep compassion for the characters (well some of them), and I was so excited to read the next book, it's called Shift and you find out more about why they are there in the first place.

Hugh Howey is an amazing writer, I am currently reading his new series Sand which I will review in the future and it is just as good as Wool.

Awarded 5 out of 5

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  1. I've just read a couple of reviews of the first book, "Wool", and it seems Howey is an amazing writer! The story sure sounds very intriguing. It's a dystopian novel, of course. I just downloaded "Wool" to my Android phone, since I have the Kindle app. for the phone. I'm a HUGE science fiction fan, so I think I'll definitely like it! Thanks for the interesting review, along with the book trailer! : )

    1. Hugh Howey is one of my favourite writers, I haven't read a bad book of his. I really hope you enjoy Wool (and it's sequels!!). Stop by and let me know how you get on!!


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