Review - World War Z

Now I know this has been out for ages and I nearly watched it last year but I was on a plane at the time and it mentioned something on the screen about not watching it if you didn't appreciate footage of aircraft crashing which I didn't at 39000 feet so I decided to wait until I was on Terra Firma before watching.  Just a side note the film with Denzel Washington where the plane is upside down was also on the flight, yes Virgin Atlantic you know how to pick them!!

Anyway I digress, I had read the Max Brooks novel that this is based on several years back and it was a good yet scary read so when I heard that Brad Pitt was making a film I was excited but a little worried it would be terrible!

I needn't have worried World War Z is phenomenal, literally from the start I was amazed by the pace of it, it really makes for some scary and thought provoking viewing (plus hey Brad Pitt is in it!).

It starts with former UN investigator Gerry Lane and his family just having a normal day but in the background from the news you get the impression that something bad is happening then whilst travelling through Philadelphia all hell brakes loose.  People are being killed by rabid zombies and then the dead are re-animating again and then they kill more people and they are extremely fast and very violent. No one is truly safe.

They eventually escape to a ship in the Atlantic with help from one of his fellow colleagues and his handy helicopter, but once in the ship Gerry must earn his way and is sent out in to the field to try to find a way of stopping the virus.

The scenes in Philadelphia and New Jersey were truly scary but it's when the action and Gerry head to Asia and the Middle East it intensifies, the scene with wall in Israel is just petryfying not to mention an amazing bit of cinematography.

After escaping by the skin of his teeth from Israel the action heads to Wales and this is where the plane crash happens and trust me I am glad I didn't watch this on the plane.  Once on the ground Gerry and his soldier companion make it to a World Healt Organisation research facility where along with help from the scientists there try to find a solution to the Zombie problem.

Now I won't go any further because I want you to watch this, and I like reading reviews but I hate ones with spoilers so go and watch it and read the book too it's really a good read.

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