The changing faces of the supernatural

I was having a quick breakfast perusal on t'internet this morning, doing the rounds of Pinterest and Facebook and I came across this-

It got me thinking what has happened?  

I can't think the last time I saw an ugly vampire or werewolf.

Now Zombies they are truly the stuff of nightmares, I recently watched the epic World War Z and I was amazed at the transformation of the zombies in it from the old stereotype of hands stretched in front stumbling along groaning to the Usain Bolt challenging zombies in this film.  Plus if you have seen the film you will remember the scene where they scale the wall, truly scary.  

A shout out also to 28 Days Later, which I watched mainly due to Cillian Murphy being in it but it is a brilliant zombie film and these zombies are nasty, plus on a sidenote this film has an amazing soundtrack.

28 Days Later

The Walking Dead  has a ton of the undead, they are a bit slower but still seem to be strong enough to break down doors but providing there isn't too many of them can be killed relatively easily (says the zombie killing expert).  I do love The Walking Dead, when the zombie apocalypse comes I am finding Daryl Dixon!

Daryl Dixon - He's the man!

Now Warm Bodies is a different kettle of fish, I loved the original book about a zombie who starts to fall in love with the girlfriend of a guy who's brain he ate (nice!) and he does fit in to the original stereotype stumbly zombie but he is a hot zombie, words I thought I would never type - The ones in the Thriller video were scarier.  He does come back to life in the end so maybe technically he isn't really a zombie to begin with?  I suppose this film is geared up to the teenage girl rather than me the thirty something but I feel zombies should stick to the old stereotype.  
Warm Bodies - It is actually really good!

Vampires, well my first proper introduction of vampires was watching The Lost Boys, god I loved that film and I thought Corey Feldman was gorgeous, anyway Kiefer Sutherland and co were handsome men but when provoked (remember the Walk This Way scene?) they were truly scary, bad scary not grumpy Edward scary.  

I can hear Run DMC already!

I did enjoy Twilight and I love Charlaine Harris's southern vampire books but vampires have truly been glamourised, they no longer look like Nosferatu and creep around sucking blood, they sometimes come out during the day and can be perfectly civil! I will give one vampire a special mention, Eric Northman in True Blood, you can stay just the way you are!!

Nosferatu or Eric? You decide!

Twilight also brought hot werewolves.  My first encounter with the furry kind was watching An American Werewolf in London, remember stay on the path don't go on the moor, it scared my seriously.  Then came Jacob and his pack of furry friends with their rippling physiques and shiny L'oreal coats, they are just like big cuddly dogs to me. just not scary at all.  Plus I shouldn't forget True Blood's sexy werewolf Alcide, just take a moment there ladies to picture him!  Actually I don't know who you are but the casting director of True Blood needs to get an Oscar or something for services to womankind.

It was a toss up between this pic of Alcide or a pic from An American Werewolf in London!

On to witches now, My stereotypical witch is like Grotbags (maybe only for readers of a certain age) or the Wicked Witch in the Wizard of Oz.  I read various witchy books when I was younger including the Worst Witch which was nice and harmless, and Roald Dahl's The Witches which as a young reader was kinda scary in bits, the film was scary too, witches in movies should be evil looking they should have boils and crooked teeth and a mangy cat!  But yes I hear you scream what about Harry Potter, okay I suppose that is the exception and Voldemort is scary.  The films wouldn't have been such a hit if Hermione had boils on the end of her nose and green skin.


As for Aliens where do I start, I am a sucker for a good sci fi book or film and I love the first Alien films especially Aliens (probably more to do with Michael Biehn) and my word those Aliens scared me to death, they are truly terrifying.  I was lucky enough to go to Florida recently and visited Disney's Hollywood Studios where I rode the Great Movie Ride, well I was in for a treat when it got to the Alien section, it scared me senseless again, along with my 4 year old and 6 year old (I am such a bad mother).  Aliens come in so many shapes and forms from the scary monsters fighting Sigourney Weaver to the cute cartoon ones in Monsters vs Aliens to the earth destroying mobile monsters in the War of the Worlds - there is no right alien.

Watch out Aliens, we are coming to kick your asses!

Avatar showed us aliens can be nice and blue, and also incredibly tall!  Disney are currently building Pandora at the Animal Kingdom in Florida, its set to open in 2017.  I have seen pictures of what its going to look like and it looks amazing.

I think to be honest even though I mention a stereotypical perception of these creatures, due to the incredible imagination of authors, screenwriters etc they are going to keep evolving, I recently watched the French series The Returned in which residents of a local town come back from the dead, so yes they would fall in to zombie territory but they look just like you and me, so again the stereotype is broken.

Now I ask you dear reader what do you prefer - old school terror or the more glamorous supernatural beings we have these days?

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