The new drug

It is called pinterest!! Ever since I started using it 6 months ago I have been very dependant on it!!

Over this weekend I decided to revisit some of my older posts and tidy up and actually give some of these things a click and make sure they go were they say.  Most where ok but some no longer existed, some had now become dodgy links but one difference I noticed between now and then is that I was posting pictures that looked nice to me but now I am posting what looks nice in general even if it's something I don't like (goats cheese yuk) and trying to make sure it has a recipe, the invention of rich pins is great, this is where you see the recipe without the need of clicking the pin.

So far I have deleted about 750 pins which and I am going to have a good look through the rest but one thing is for sure I want stop pinning anytime soon!

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