The wonder of Parks and Recreation

Now due to living in Scotland I am only on series 3 of the fantastic wondrous piece of televisual delight that is Parks and Recreation (but hey bless you BBC4), it is just brilliant.

Now if you have managed to avoid it so far and have no idea what it is about, I introduce you to the city of Pawnee, Indiana and the staff of the Parks and Recreation Department.

Ron Swanson - Director

Leslie Knope - Deputy Director

Tom Haverford - Administrator

Jerry Gergich - Office Manager

Donna Meagle - Secretary

April Ludgate - PA to Ron Swanson

Andy Dwyer - Shoeshiner!

Lil' Sebastian - Local Treasure

The show deals with the daily grind of the department and there is a host of other characters such as Ann Perkins a local nurse and Leslie's best friend, and the evil Tammy Swanson, Ron's ex wife, now there are more important characters that appear in season 2 such as Chris and Ben but you need to watch this from the start and I am not telling you anymore!!

The main focus of season 1 is the turning of a large hole in to a public park, now this may not sound like a barrel of laughs by the mockumentary style of the show makes the most unexciting things like phone answering and the bureaucracy of public office in to an extremely funny show.

My favourite character has to be Ron, he doesnt actually seem to do much but his love of hunting, bacon, eggs, steak and he does have an amazing moustache.  Below is a brilliant video of his huge range of emotions!

Pawnee has its very own website which you should stop by and have a look at Ron's nature diary, find out about upcoming park projects and what Lil' Sebastian is up to!  

But in the meantime tune in to BBC4, its on season 3 but I promise you will enjoy it!

Now if you have watched it do you have a favourite Parks and Recreation character, do you have a moody sibling like April or perhaps you work with a Tom Haverford?  Also what is your favourite scene, I have yet to narrow it down!!

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