Review - Acid by Emma Pass


I had been looking to get this book for ages and finally treated myself to it a few weeks back.

The first thing that struck me about the book was the feisty looking redhead on the cover, as a fellow red I salute you Emma in making the heroine one of us!

Set in a Dystopian future the story gets going really quickly.  Britain is ruled over by ACID (Agency for Crime Investigation and Defence) and they rule with the iron fist of General Harvey, they choose your partner, your career and you have no choice but to live by their rules.

The story is told from the point of view of Jenna Strong, imprisoned at 15 by  for the murder of her parents.

Held in a high security prison, and the only female prisoner, Jenna is tormented by the male inmates but after being drugged she is rescued with help from the prison doctor who gives his life to save her.

She is taken in by an undercover group who give her a new name, a new face and a new identity in order for her to return to the outside.  

To play the role she is partnered with Cade, who unfortunately for Jenna is not committed to making their partnership work and leaves her.  Jenna searches for him but on returning home she is attacked by hooded man who she discovers is Max Fisher, the son of the prison doctor who helped free her and who has been on the news after going missing, he is addicted to a drug called Cloud 9,  and despite him attacking her she looks after him, helping him recover from the effects of the drug but she does not reveal her true identity to him.

After Jenna's suspicious neighbour reports her after seeing her with Max, they have to go on the run, escaping London they go to Manchester but on the way end up in the company of group of people who at first are welcoming but Jenna discovers they are a terrorist cell with horrific plans to bomb a rally in Manchester, leaving them is not an option as the leader of the group, Jacob, discovers Jenna's real identity.

On arrival at the rally they manage to escape the group and raise the alarm to ACID regarding the bombs but Jacob captures them and reveals to Max the true identity of Jenna and her involvement his fathers death.  Leaving them tied up in a church they are found, after being tipped of by Jacob, by ACID.

But what happens next, well I won't reveal too much but after finding out about Jenna's true identity Max is understandably furious and Jenna is unable to talk to him as she is being held by ACID, interrogated and given an ultimatum, her memory altered along with new life or death.  What will she choose?

Well I won't tell you what happens next but the book pans out very well, the ending is fast paced and very satisfying, I also think it leaves us nicely lined up for book 2! (I hope there is a book 2!)

I really enjoyed this book, I especially liked the newspaper reports scattered throughout it was a nice touch along with the letters, but I wont tell you who they were from.   The characters are well written and I really felt for Jenna's brain as she is having to cope with having her identity changed more than once!  Max is a great character and unlike most macho men in these stories he lets Jenna look after him.

I really love a dystopian novel and this ticked all my boxes, but I need to catch up on my sleep it kept me up late.

I have Emma's next book on pre-order The Fearless with that book site we all know and love, I can't wait to see what she comes up with next.

Awarded 5 out of 5

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