Review - Elemental by Brigid Kemmerer

Its has been such a busy day today, the kids are on holiday driving me nuts and I am not getting any peace to read!!!

I have managed to sneak in this quick read, Elemental, the prequel to Book 1 in the Elemental series - Storm which is due out in the UK on the 17th April and I will be reviewing it later this week.

The series centres around the Merrick Brothers who have the power to control the elements, this book focuses on the older brother Michael and is set quite a bit before the events coming up in Storm.

Michael is an Earth Elemental and Emily is an Air Elemental, they need to stay away from one another, as Emily's family would quite happily see Michael six feet under.

Set during the Summer, it sees Emily working at a local sports centre where Michael keeps turning up, their hate relationship slowly grows from hate to friendship to something stronger, its a bit like Romeo and Juliet in that they shouldn't be together.

This is just a short novella but it packs a lot in to its 40 odd pages, and the ending?, well it ends abruptly, but good abruptly!

This is great book and set the scene nicely for Storm in which you will meet the Merrick brothers properly.

I award this book 4 out of 5!

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