Review - The Fearless by Emma Pass

Thank you to NetGalley for providing me with an ARC

You may remember that I recently reviewed the highly enjoyable ACID by Emma Pass and I was extremely pleased to get my mitts on an ARC of her next book The Fearless!

One thing I have noticed so far about Emma's books is that they have awesome covers, this one really stands out and demands your attention.

So what is this book about?

The main character of this book is Cass, we first meet her as a young girl living a nice normal existence with her father, heavily pregnant mother and cat Kali in our near future.

The story starts very quickly, Cass discovers that her parents have been hiding from her the fact than an army of super soldiers called The Fearless have been making their way through Europe raining destruction down on everywhere they go.  

The soldiers have been treated with a serum to stop them getting PTSD in the battle field which proved successful to begin with but then the serum started to show side effects of no fear or remorse, the serum has gotten in to the wrong hands and the soldiers are now attacking helpless civilians with the serum to create an massive army of Fearless.

Her father assures her that they are safe but it quickly looks like that is not the case and a national broadcast warns the public to take action, no sooner than Cass and her family see this, their neighbour and father of Cass's friend Sol, Mr Brightman turns up he tells the family that he has an island that he can take them to and the family set about getting ready to leave but unfortunately The Fearless start showing up.

To begin with they look like normal people but the one difference is their silver eyes, they are relentless and truly frightening and as Cass and her family try to escape they are attacked by the Fearless with Cass's father being injected with the serum.

Barely escaping with their lives, Cass and her Mother leave with Mr and Mrs Brightman and Sol and make their way to the island, on the way they pass scenes of terror and chaos but eventually arrive at the dock for the island.  

They find they are not the only ones waiting and eventually they make their way to the island which is just as well as Cass's mother goes in to labour and gives birth on the way over to the island which is called Hope.

The story goes forward seven years and we meet Cass now as a teenager about to join the patrol on Hope, living with her brother Jori after her mother's suicide a few years earlier, she is learning to defend herself and the island.

The island is manned around the clock by the patrols looking out for strangers and rogue Fearless but that does not stop a boy arriving on the island, Myo is Scottish and has lived an extremely rough life, captured by the patrols he swears he was on the island looking for medical help for a friends baby.  He also wears an eyepatch which conceals a secret he is hiding.

Cass does not like the way Myo is treated once he arrives and as he is taken away he mouths "Help" to her. She sneaks in to see him and whilst talking to him he asks her to retrieve his bag from a deserted part of the island called The Shudders, whilst she looks for her bag she discovers she has been followed by her brother and unfortunately they are both discovered by two Fearless who take Jori.

Cass is understandably distraught and demands that they look for him but the rules of the island state that this can not be and angrily she confronts Myo, thinking he was with the Fearless but he denies this and when she says she is going after them he asks to go with her as he knows where they would have taken her brother.

What happens next is a game of cat and mouse as Cass and Myo try and avoid the Fearless but they also encounter a new foe as they travel north to find Jori along with Myo's dog Lochie. 

Along the way she starts to learn more about Myo and where he came from and what he has been doing but she doesn't know that he is hiding some sinister secrets.

They encounter many things along the way but they also start to realise they have feelings for one another which leads to some sweet scenes but the course of true love never runs smooth and the ending of the book is terrifying as they enter the Fearless's lair

Emma has written another great story, you do get titbits of information of what happened straight after the invasion and I would have like to hear a little bit more about what happened during those years but this flows lovely, it starts and ends with a bang, also the way it ends lines it up for book 2 hopefully!

I award The Fearless 4 out of 5

Released 24th April 2014

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