Review - Fiance by Fate by Jennifer Shirk

I was kindly sent an ARC by Entangled Publishing

Release Date: 14th April 2014

My second Bliss book came in the form of Fiancé by Fate by Jennifer Shirk, it was the kind of romance I like and it involved a little bit of jealousy!

Sabrina has had a tough start to life but has blossomed in to beautiful but slightly uptight young woman!  

On a break from her fiancé David, she doesn't give up hope that they will get back together even though she keeps seeing him with a gorgeous redhead.  She needs him to notice her, she needs to make him jealous!

Jack is the son of Sabrina's boss, a notorious playboy with a string of beautiful women in his wake, his reputation is not good in the eyes of his father and the board, what he needs is stability, he needs a woman by his side, one who is for keeps not just eye candy and this is when he thinks of Sabrina.

Persuading her to be his new girlfriend takes a bit of asking but she eventually caves in and the pair start their act of being in love.

Will Sabrina manage to win her David back and will Jack manage to convince his father that he is a changed man or will fate intervene and thrown a spanner in the works!

This story is a great fun and romantic read, I would love to know what happens next!

I award Fiancé by Fate 4 out of 5 

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