Review - Love, Nina by Nina Stibbe

First of all, lets address the cover, Toffo's do we remember them readers of a certain age, can you still get them?!  Anyway I love the cover and any cover with food on it is going to go straight to the top of my reading pile.

The basis of the book is that Nina during the early 80's worked as a nanny for a family in London but they are not your ordinary suburban family, they are wonderfully unique!  As this was not the age of email or texts she wrote letters home to her sister Victoria and those letters make up this book.

Nina has no nannying experience but settled straight away in to her new position with Mary-Kay Wilmers and her two boys, Sam (10) and Will (9).

Her letters home cover everyday life from how to cook turkey mince and Nina's interesting forays in to cooking, her meetings with fellow nanny's and neighbours which include the playwright Alan Bennett who seem to be round for Tea every night.

The boys Sam and Will are brilliant and I must Google them to see what they are like now, there is a particularly funny scene near the start of the book where they discuss the use of the word sonofabitch and things escalate but the way it seems to innocently come out of their mouths is just brilliant, my husband just sits and gives me dirty looks while I sit there laughing to myself.

Mary-Kay I believe I would be a little scared of, she seems very matter of fact and I think she might intimidate me but there is occasion when she seems really nice.

There is a whole cast of other characters and Nina has very helpfully put a list at the beginning of the book for reference and I admit to using it all the time whilst reading.

This book reminded me a little bit of an older version of Adrian Mole, it is in a way a coming of age book as it chronicles Nina's years in London.

To sum up I loved this book and I have been recommending it to my friends left right and centre, so pick it up and prepare to Love Nina!

Awarded 5 out of 5

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