Review - The Politics of Washing: Real Life in Venice

Today I have something a little different for you!  

But before I start I have another confession to add to the growing list - I love travel books, it could be because I am a Sagittarius or it could just be nosiness!, The real reason is that I love to be able to discover these places without the hassle of getting on plane and a really good writer can instantly transport you to underneath the beautiful sakura in Japan or to the frozen wastes on Antarctica.  

This book manages that and it takes us to the timeless city of Venice in Italy.

Polly and her family leave England and up sticks to Venice, now my preconceived idea of doing this was that I knew canals replaced the roads but surely living there would be easy enough?

I was wrong on this count!  

This book shows how things we take for granted can be just that little bit more time consuming in Venice, the school run involves boats, hanging out the washing sounds dangerous and the high tides which I ashamed to say I knew nothing about sound positively scary to me (could be because I cannot swim)

Polly has done a beautiful job of showing us that it can be done, Venice to me is such a romantic city and Polly has painted a vivid picture of day to day life there.  If anything I am envious of her living in such a historic place.

If like me you have a lust for travel, then please read this book you will not regret it.

I award The Politics of Washing: Real Life in Venice 4 out 5!

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