Review - Resisting the Rancher by Roxanne Snopek

She's his best friend's sister, but he's ready to break all the rules...

I was kindly sent an ARC from Entangled Publishing, Thank You!

Now I have never read any Bliss books before, nor I have I read any of Roxanne Snopek's book before so I went in to this book with no prior experience!

Resisting the Rancher is a Three River Ranch novel, the story centres around the Gamble family, specifically Celia "CeeCee" Gamble. 

Returning the heart of her family after training to be a Veterinarian, Celia Gamble sets up her new business at the family ranch and begins her new life with her family and old friends, including her brother's best friend Jonah Clarke.

Celia has always had a soft spot for Jonah but he has always seen her as his best friends little sister but when a emaciated  dog is found near his office, he calls the vet out and gets a shock - Celia has grown up!

But unbeknownst to him Celia has problems, big problems! She is being blackmailed and if it becomes common knowledge it could destroy everything she has worked so hard on.

The story progresses with Celia opening up to Jonah about the blackmail, it also sees her blossom as she gets ready for her brother's wedding and Jonah starts to see her in a whole new light.  

Celia and Jonah fight against their mutual attraction, he helps her when her past comes back to bite her in the ass in the form of the blackmailer who has a whole pack of screws loose.

This is a lovely book,  as I mentioned I have not read any of these books before after reading this book I would like to discover more of this series.

I award Resisiting The Rancher 4 out 5 stars, a lovely read!

Available from 14th April 2014

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