Review - Rocked: Lost in Oblivion by Cari Quinn and Taryn Elliot

I received a copy from the the publishers via NetGalley

This book is the start of a series following the rock band Oblivion as they make their way along the road to rock stardom, each book focuses on a different band member and how they cope with their new found popularity along with how they cope with the ladies in their lives.

Books about bands are by no means a new idea but they are extremely addictive, I reviewed another one just the other day and I love reading about the bad boys of rock.

Oblivion are the support act for another bigger band on tour, this is their first big tour and they have a lot to prove, Bassist Deacon McCoy is the gentle giant of the group, height and muscles make him stand out, and they stand out especially to Harper Pruitt, the new chef for Food Riot, the tour's catering company along with legions of girl fans.

Harper is no stranger to the road, with roadies for parents she is very capable at dealing with the demands of the tour and wants to prove herself as a chef.

Harper and Deacon gravitate towards one another and start a relationship that takes them all over the country as well as each other!  She has issues with a dating a rock star having been burnt in the past and he wants to prove that he is not a walking cliché of different town different woman.

Their relationship is sweet and they have a lot of sex in this book including a memorable scene resulting in a near miss with a public indecency charge.

As Oblivion's star is on the rise there is also a lot of band politics, the other members of the band, Simon, Nick, Gray and Jazz are great characters and they really come in to their own towards the end of the book when the band are getting signed to a record label and musical differences or should I say disagreements come to light.

Now I love these sort of books, they are easy to read, feature hot guys inside and out but my one problem with this was it started off well with them going on tour but then in the middle it got a bit repetitive however it picked up again towards the end, it is a long book maybe a bit too long.

However I did enjoy it and I will award it 3 out of 5, I am looking forward to finding out more about the other members of the band both Simon and Nick sound like wild opinionated men, Jazz is a little live wire and Gray seems very quiet but you know the old saying about the quiet ones.

Rocked: Lost in Oblivion is awarded 3 out of 5

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