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Silo 49: Going Dark 

If you are a regular reader to my blog you will know that one of my favourite series, and I think I can say it would be up there in my top ten, is Wool by Hugh Howey.

This series has given birth to an amazing Wooliverse of stories following on from the original books, stories based in the the other silos.  There are 50 silos so I am giddy to say it but think how many more stories could still be out there ready to be written.

Silo 49: Going Dark is the first book in the Silo 49 series (can I just note that it helps if you have read the original Hugh Howey books so you at least know the layout etc) written by the lovely Ann Christy, she has provided us with a picture of what happens when a silo starts to go wrong.

Silo 49 is run by Graham the Head of IT, he has seen a lot of things over the years, the death of his wife and daughter, friends passing away and he has seen the silo's population decline.

The decline has been caused by polluted water, people are dying from cancer, babies are born but do not survive long, the whole silo is just dying out slowly.

As part of his job as Head of IT, Graham is in touch with the powers that be at Silo 1 and during a routine call regarding the illnesses in his silo he overhears a conversation at the other silo that worries him, he hears them mention terminating his silo.

Silo 1 can remotely terminate Graham's silo and what happens next is the monumental task the Graham takes upon himself with two close friends of preventing that from happening, risking their lives and the lives of others to make it happen.

This is a gripping story, I am still totally in love with the whole Wooliverse and I never tire of hearing these amazing stories, Ann has done such a good job of setting the scene, the characters are well written but the main star has to be the enormous silo, dark and deep.

It is also a little eerie, whole floors are deserted including floor 1 which is where the airlock to outside is along with the cafeteria and viewing screens, there is something really spooky about it, a building (can I call it a building?) so large but so empty.

The one thing I don't remember reading is what state was Silo 49?  Maybe somebody knows?

I loved the story and I am looking forward to read what happens next in Silo 49: Deep Dark.

5 out of 5 - Brilliant Read

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