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Silo 49: Deep Dark 

You know the drill reader, I love anything WOOL related, lets review......

When Hugh Howey sat down and wrote Wool I wonder if he realised what a phenomenon he was creating?, did he know then that people would continue to write about his silos?  They are more than just fan-fiction they are fully fledged amazing novels and this is one of them.

Ann did a great job with Going Dark and after the events in that book I was looking forward to seeing what Silo 49 was going to throw at me next.

We are further down the silo this time and in Deep Dark we meet Marina, a forty something working in fabrication, she is in charge of the reclamation of precious metals throughout the silo, the metal is being reclaimed to replace vital parts.

Boxes of jewellery, watches and other items are sent down to her from the floors above, and she studiously notes and sorts her way through the treasures, its during this process she comes across an usual object to her, a large pocket watch and in that watch she discovers hidden secrets, secrets that rock her.

She decides to find out more about the items she has found and arranges to head up top to the IT department.

Her daughter and husband go with her as they make a holiday of it.  Now this bit I loved - the description of them making their way up floor after floor was plain tiring, I think after reading WOOL and remembering the mayor going all the way to the bottom it didn't sound so bad but you can real feel Marina's pain as she slowly endures her trek up.

On arrival at IT she meets with Piotr who is head of IT, Greta who a Historian and Taylor who is Piotr's shadow, they look over the items Marina has brought and this is when Marina starts to find out more about the people who came before them.

Piotr and Greta share with Marina everything they know about the silo and she shares with them the secrets that she found and this starts them investigating the origins of the items she found.

What happens next is an amazing journey through the dusty records and relics of the silo, the deeper they delve the more they realise there is a lot more in their world besides the silo.

This book again proves that there is endless stories in the silos and it is thought-provoking, - what do they do when they run out with parts, how long will these silos last, how the heck did they get all those animals in the silos in the first place without anyone batting an eyelid!?

I loved this book and have already started reading book 3 which I can report is very good so far!  

Silo 49: Deep Dark I award 5 out of 5

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