Review - Wool Gathering (A Charity Anthology) by Assorted Authors

It is no secret that I love Wool and the incredible fan fiction that Hugh Howey's book has inspired, it really has added to my enjoyment of the WOOLiverse.  

Wool really was one of these books that once I read it I really wanted to open it up again and soak it all up but one thing I needed was to know what happened in the other silos.

Brought to my attention by WJ Davies, WOOL Gathering is a collection of stories written by authors who have all penned stand alone novels/series in the WOOLiverse, some I have read and loved, some I have yet to read and cant wait to do so.

They have teamed up to write this anthology to raise money for the NaNoWriMo young writers fund.

This book contains nine stories, some are set at the beginning, some in the middle and one seems to be at the end (I could be wrong!)

The stories are as follows:
The Last Republican - Ann Christy
Eight - Thomas Robins
Lost Water - WJ Davies
The Last Prayer - Lyn Perry
Turning The Earth - Logan Thomas Snyder
Climb - Carol Davies
Battle of Bones - Fred Shernoff
The Sheriff's Son - Will Swardstrom
Evelyn's Locket - David Adams
These are great tales which show that even though they are confined to the silo, people are still people, they can be loving, they can be hopeful, they still want to carry on their lives but they can also be scared, cruel and just plain bad.

I always think how I would cope living in a silo, the whole being underground, deep underground does not appeal to me but it is the lesser of two evils - deep down or dead outside.

This book really is brilliant but my one complaint is some of stories got me thinking even more, they left me with more questions!!  However its not really a complaint!

It is a worthy companion to Hugh Howey's original story and I would highly recommend it to any fan of Wool or the Dystopian/Sci Fi genre (or even ones who aren't!)

I think the WOOLiverse will spawn many many more tales from the silos and that pleases me some what!

One thing I would like to hear more about is what happened after the end of Shift, I would like to discover what happened to the people who came outside and how they got on, did they survive?

Now I am a huge fan of Pinterest and I have a research/inspiration board on my site at the moment called "In case of an emergency", whilst researching I came across the pin below.

If only I had the money to buy it! It is the best of both worlds, top of the range home on top, luxury underground bunker and wait whats that? Yes your own missile silo ready to furnish!

Go and download this book, you want be disappointed and you will also be helping a worthy cause.

Awarded 5 out of 5

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  1. Ok I bought it & The Disappeared

  2. Well done Velcro, I am sure you will let me know how you get on!

  3. Great review! Thanks for doing it. I can answer at least one of the questions you have for my story. It is a prequel to the Silo 49 series and tells the story of two people who entered "my" silo. I'm glad you liked the book! Ann

  4. It was such a good story Ann! I am never sure how much to reveal I hate spoilers!


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