Review - Wrecked by Priscilla West

I received a copy of this book from NetGalley, a big thank you to them!

The first thing that strikes you about this book is not the title or who wrote it, it is of course the rather large man on the front cover, take a moment ladies, deep breath, mop brow,finished?,  right lets continue.

I would say this book is aimed at the young adult market but as a reader of 35 I certainly enjoyed it.

The main character is Lorrie a young student at Arrowhart College, she has had an extremely rough time of late and the start of the book sees her returning to college after some time off.

She is truly carrying baggage in that her mother was murdered by her step-father, and her father even though divorced from her mother cannot live without her and commits suicide.

She arrives a few days before term starts and gets off to a good start by fallen in the icy lake, she is thankfully rescued by a man she christens Tim (Tattoos and Muscles), he takes her back to his apartment and makes sure she is ok, he seems to have no agenda but not wanting to hang around she escapes back to her dorm room.

Forgetting about the incident, she tries to continue on as normal throwing herself in to her studies and agreeing to go with her friend on a double date.

This is where the story kicks off, at the date with some obnoxious frat boys, she finds herself outside watching a MMA fight (mixed martial arts), and who turns up as one of the fighters - Tim aka Hunter!

Spotting her in the crowd he finds her after the fight and asks her why she ran off, he also asks her out but she is having none of it but agrees to be friends.

The story is really good and flows nicely dealing with Lorrie and Hunter's friendship as it progresses from platonic to hot tamale! But like all good romances things get in the way they both have issues and being stubborn they don't tell each other.

I felt really sorry for both of them as the story ended, I think I felt more sorry for Hunter than Lorrie but I felt like shaking both of them and telling them to spill the beans to each other.

Now this is a spoiler, sorry, but I wanted to share Hunter's issue, not an issue but a condition, he is hiding the fact he has Multiple Sclerosis, now this is something close to my heart and has affected somebody very close to me, I am so glad Priscilla has chosen to address this condition as I think it is still very misunderstood.

I really enjoyed the book but ugh it had to end, there had better be a book 2 (yes there is!).

I will award it 4 out of 5! Great Read!

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