Reviews Coming Up In The Next Few Weeks - April 2014

Wow I have been so busy with the blog and I am sooooo pleased with the feedback I am getting from readers, authors and fellow bloggers!

I have discovered a whole load of new authors since I ventured in to the worlds of Twitter and Goodreads including the book below Flotilla which will suit my fellow dystopian fans as will Silo 49, another venture in to Hugh Howey's WOOLiverse brilliantly tackled by Ann Christy.  

Ladies, you will love Wrecked I mean just look at the cover never mind the story! (which is about a cage fighter!!!!)


I have been fortunate to get my hands on some ARC's (thank you to all publishers), including new releases from Karen Ranney with this sizzling Scottish romance, New York Times bestseller Cassia Leo returns with Black Box and following on from my review of ACID I will be reviewing Emma Pass's follow up The Fearless of which I have heard very good things about.


The lovely Betsy Cook Speer very kindly sent me a copy of her book Demolition Queen which sounds totally kick ass!  The Curse Keepers series is new to me and I have got my paws on books 1 and 2, these books will appeal to fans of the supernatural, its written by New York Times bestselling author Denise Grover Swank.


I have heard a lot of good things about Peter May's books and I am excited to read The Black House set in Lewis.  Another WOOLiverse book, an anthology of stories written by the likes of Ann Christy, WJ Davies, Lyndon Perry and a host of other great authors and you me I LOVE WOOL!!  Last but not least Fiance by fate a romance with a twist!


So please subscribe to my feed so you don't miss out!  This list is of course subject to lots more books being added on top, did I mention I love to read, LOL!  

Have a good Friday people!

Heather x


  1. Wow...I get two mentions in the post today! Very honored. You've got a lot of reading and reviewing coming up. Think I just might need to check out Flotilla, too.

  2. Not a problem and as a huge fan of the WOOLiverse your book appealed to me and WJ Davies pointed me in the direction the Anthology. I hope to start on yours tonight, a good friend has just finished it and she loved it! I am most happy with a huge pile of books, I get antsy if their isn't a good pile! Thanks for commenting!


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