Game of Thrones and what it means to me

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Game of Thrones is only a matter of hours (well quite a few hours!) away until Sky Atlantic beams it into my living room and I am, like the rest of the world's GOT fans excited for the start of the new season.

It got me thinking, yes I know its not like me!, of how I came to love this compelling tale, I thought I might share it with you!

But before I do I want to show you these amazing creations from my amazing fellow blogger PJ Sassifrass over at Booze, Sugar and Spice
Amazing Dirty Red Pirate Cupcakes by Booze, Sugar & Spice - Click for recipe

Yum! Drunk Cersei Cupcakes! Dark Chocolate & Red Wine - Click for recipe

Are they not amazing?, three of my favourite things in one place, cupcakes, frosting and Game of Thrones. Visit her blog for more amazing cupcakes, the pictures are something to behold!!

Aww what a cutie - I was talking about the direwolf!

I first read Game of Thrones back in 2012, as a long time Tolkien fan I was always on the lookout for another story as gripping as The Lord of The Rings, one that would send me to another place, with an amazing cast of characters.

I found it one day whilst looking for something to watch, scrolling through the channels I fell upon Sky Atlantic and its repeat of GOT, I watched the first episode and after the initial 10 minutes I was hooked, I set the box up to series link and so started my addiction to this televisual gold.

To start with I did not know much about it, but I did know it was written by George RR Martin so I ventured to my local internet bookshop (you know which one!) and purchased the first book.  

It was everything I love in a book, it was thick, it had a map and it instantly transported me to Westeros to the land where Winter is Coming.

Now I want to share something personal with you, during the middle of 2012, I started having really bad panic attacks, anxiety would hit me like a truck and I really struggled, picking up a book was the last thing on my mind.  We had a holiday booked for the October to Florida and six weeks before we went I just couldn't face going, I was a bit of a mess, luckily due to a loving family and great friends I got help and started taking medication which has helped me greatly.  

During those first few days of being on the pills I felt awful, I felt worse than I had been before I started, they kept me awake at night and during those sleepless hours I started reading again.

I started reading the first book again and then the next book and the next book, getting engrossed in the many characters and story-lines helped me forget a little of what my brain and the rest of my body was doing.  So I consider these books part of my treatment!  The story kept me going when I felt like things where spiralling and when I started getting better I enjoyed it even more.

He is such a little s***!!!!

As I read the books I also caught up on the TV series, its just beautiful, beautiful people, beautiful scenery and beautiful storylines.  Oh did I also mention there is crap load of violence and a lot of beloved characters get killed, nobody is safe.

George RR Martin looks like Santa Claus to me, I keep seeing pictures of him on the internet feeling bad for talking to the actors knowing they will be killed violently!  But give the man credit has can write a mean story.

All Hail Joffrey!
Everyone has a favourite character I could say Jon Snow, I could say Robb Stark but I have to admit that even though he is a little shit I have a soft spot for Joffrey, the actor who plays him must get such a hard time, he plays his character so well - obnoxious and a total sociopath and psychopath to boot.

I am also extremely fond of everyone's favourite dwarf Tyrion, he is brilliant and he is also still alive at the end of the last published book unlike others I could mention.

So come Monday night (or I could get up at 2am and watch with the states) I will be cosied up, phone off, door locked to see what happens next, I mean I know what happens next but I need to see it on screen.

I would love to hear how you found Game of Thrones, drop me a comment below!

Until next time, Valar Morghulis!*

*actually no, according to wikipedia it means all men must die!

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