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Today as part of my author spotlight I have Laura Kreitzer for you, her body of work includes the Timeless series and the recently reviewed on this blog Love's Paradox, she very kindly took the time to answer some questions for me!

Heather: I read that you started writing after reading Stephenie Meyer's Midnight Sun, now Twilight as we know is a huge success, how would you feel about having one of your books adapted?

Laura: I’d be honored if my books were ever adapted. I love entertainment in all its forms. I’d totally be running around, all excited to see what other people would do with my original concept.

Heather: As an aspiring author I would love to know how you go about writing, do you have a routine or do you just sit down and do it, also do you plan your books or just start writing?

Laura: Yes and no—to both of those questions. I get in small routines, I guess. I may write one way for a couple of weeks, then change my mind and do it another way for a couple of weeks. Sometimes I plan my books, but I find some of the best writing I do is by the seat of my pants. If I’m surprised, shocked, etc., then so are my readers. My characters often have a mind of their own, so if I do plan or outline, they are defiant of the plan. Then when I try to force them onto a certain path, they resist. My writing ends up falling apart or being incredibly boring (in my opinion).

Heather: Can you tell me how many books you have planned for Paradoxical World series, and how are you coming along with book 2?

Laura: Right now, I only have plans for a book 2, though I would really, really like to write stories for several of the characters in the book. Especially Hunter and Cherry. I believe they deserve happy endings (or at least a continuation of their story). Their lives and pasts are all quite interesting to me. As long as the words keep flowing, I plan to write much more for the Paradoxical World series.
I don’t have too much planned for book two. Just a few ideas and the title: Defying Gravity.

Heather: How important is social media to you, as a blogger the whole Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest thing can be overwhelming, how do you keep on top of it?

Laura: I don’t do Pinterest. The other media sites…mostly I give myself days off. That’s how I keep up with it. Also, a publicist. I’ve hired people in the past to help me when I was too stressed out. Now, it’s less about promoting and more about having a conversation with my readers. Blogging, to me, is only important if you actually do blog. I’m such a slacker. I usually only blog because I know it needs to be done, or I actually have something I want to say. I don’t just blog because. Also, my full time job is writing, so it gives me more time to play around online (though this can also mess up my work time). It’s all about balance.

Heather: Lastly! Some quick silly questions

Laura: Last Book Read: Part of the Pride by Kevin Richardson (5 stars! Very interesting.)
Last Movie Watched: Hitler’s Children
Last TV: House
Last Song Bought: 2020 by Suuns

Thank you so much to Laura again for taking the time out for me!

Laura's Love's Paradox is currently on special offer at a lower price, it is a great read, also you may be interested to know the first in her Timeless series Shadow of the Sun is free on Amazon at the moment just now too, I just picked up a copy so watch out for a review of it!


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