Liebster Award

Wow I have been nominated for a Liebster award! 

I was very kindly nominated by the lovely Rosie Reads Romance who has such a beautiful site which you should go visit!

The Liebster award is given by bloggers to bloggers, it is a way of discovering new blogs and finding out more about the people behind the sites!

There are rules which you will see below and I am so excited that there are questions to answer too which I love doing!

So without further ado let's go!

Rule 1
Thank the blogger who nominated you.

Rule 2
Answer the eleven questions he/she asks

Rule 3
Nominate eleven bloggers

Rule 4
Ask these eleven bloggers eleven questions

Rule 5
Let these eleven bloggers know that they have been nominated

The Answers to Rosie's questions

1. What's been your favourite book that you've read this year (so far)?

There has been so many but I was really blown away by the amazing Don't Look Back by Jennifer L Armentrout, it had everything romance, suspense and it just gripped me from start to finish.

2. What book are you most looking forward to reading this year?

It is sitting on my to read pile already, shouting "read me, read me" it is called Station 11 by Emily St John Mandel, it has the most amazing cover and it is a dystopian which I love.

3. Which book do you feel like you should have read but you never have?

The Fault in our Stars, everybody seems to have read it, I saw the trailer for the film recently and I don't know if I could handle the book I would be a wreck, I read a similar book recently called Love Always, Kate by D Nichole Smith which had me in bits at the end, so may give TFIOS a miss just now!

4. Which book have you never been quite able to finish?

I still haven't finished If I Stay by Gayle Forman, I know I'll like once it gets going but I never get past the first few pages.

5. What's the first book you remember reading?

My mum always had loads of books and I tended to pick them up to read whether they were meant for my age or not, This book The Hills is Lonely by Lillian Beckwith I loved, it's set in Scotland, where I live but in one of the many far flung islands we have, it is about a English woman moving there and how she gets on!  It reads better than I've described!

6. A book you didn't think you'd like but ended up loving?

It is actually one of my favourite ever books now and it is Wool by Hugh Howey, I read the first couple of pages when I got my first Kindle and I though no this isn't for me, but  I came back to it about a year later and I loved, really loved it, I've since went to read more of Hugh's work and also discovered the whole world of fan fiction which is influenced by the Wool books and I've came across some other amazing authors too in the process like Ann Christy and WJ Davies.

7. Whats the book that you recommend most often?

It would be Wool! It has everything - sci-fi. romance, action, suspense, family disputes, murder!!!

8. Do you prefer to use the library or buy books?

I just can't do libraries, they are beautiful places but I prefer to have my own copy, I just don't like borrowing!

9. Favourite place to read?

Either snuggled up in bed or on the couch with my dog beside me!

10. Favourite reading snack?

Ooo, I am supposedly on a diet, but I can never resist chocolate but not white!

11. Other than reading (obviously) what's your favourite hobby?
Well I have two kids that keep me very busy, but my other addiction beside books is the glorious site that is Pinterest, I am more a foodie on this site but do have book related bits and bobs and I am involved in a Pinterest group devoted to food and I am also part of an American group called The Cupcake Project who are always on the lookout for fab recipes, plus I also like finding pictures of Tom Hiddleston - you can find me here if you want to look!

Okay well I hope you enjoyed my questions now to nominate my eleven - These are all lovely people that I have came across from the wondeful world of Twitter! I apologise if you have already been nominated but hey that means you are awesome!

1) Katrina Southern from Chased By My Imagination -  (KatKatMeow1)

2) Louise Nicks from The Soren Saga Blog - (SorenSagaBooks)

3) Genissa from Paper Charade - (genissa)

5) Rinn from Rinn Reads - (RinnReads)

6) Monica from Monica Pulliam - (monica_pulliam)

8) Angela from I Feel The Need to Read - (M0mmaP)

10) Kate from Kate Ormand - (kateormand)

Okay, so here are my eleven probing questions!!

1) Who is your Book Boyfriend!!

2) You are on a desert island, you can only take two books what would they be?

3) What five authors would you invite to dinner (can be dead or alive!)?

4) Kindle or Book?

5) What is you favourite book series?

6) Favourite book to film/tv adaptation?

7) Angels, Hot Aliens, Vampires or Werewolves? 

8) When did you start blogging?

9) Have you met any authors?

10) Favourite place to read?

11) What book/s would you love to live in?

Hope they are ok!!

Thank you again to Rosie for my nomination!! xx  Have fun everyone!!


  1. Thank you so much for the nomination! Here is my post:

    I loved your answers to Rosie's questions!! I can't do borrowing from Libraries either!

    1. Your answers are brilliant, soooo good! Thank you for answering them x

  2. Congrats on getting nominated for the award!
    First, don't be so sure you'll like If I Stay. Haha. I did not. If you're interested, I reviewed it HERE. I'm not trying to put you off of it as everyone has their own opinion, I just wanted to say that I thought I was really going to like it and was pretty disappointed. Also, I LOVED Wool. I bought it when I was living in the UK, and only read the first one. The other two in the series cost an outrageous amount of money over here in the States because they're "imports" so I haven't read the others, which sucks.
    Loved your answers and new questions. :D

    1. Hi! Thank you I never get nominated for anything so YAY!
      If I Stay seems to be one of these books that is hyped up, especially with the film version coming, its on my book shelf, maybe on day when I have nothing better to read. But like in your review I have read such amazing books lately they make everything else seem pah!
      You must try and get a hold of WOOL, cannot believe its so expensive in its home country, I bought the Kindle version and don't laugh because I love it so much I have started buying it in paperback, Book 1 was £3.50!! Love and the fan fiction it has created to, so many good stories, plus Hugh Howey's Sand is also really good!
      Thanks so much for commenting, I appreciate it!


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