Review - Britty Britty Bang Bang by Hugh Dennis

Thank you to Headline and Elaine Egan for providing me with a copy!

When I was very young, back in the 1920's if you ask my two daughters!, I watched religiously every week a programme called The Mary Whitehouse Experience, it was very cool and very funny, I loved it, performing in it where 4 comedians, and one of them was called Hugh Dennis.

I have loved watching him on TV since them, I just have to look at his face and it makes me laugh! (sorry Hugh!), recently I have been watching him in the brilliant Outnumbered as a set upon father of three kids, which is perilously close to my own life with my two, less the hamster under the floor boards.

I was excited to read this book, and the fact it came with glowing praise from the wonderful Mr Stephen Fry also made it even more irresistible to me!

Britty Britty Bang Bang is all about us Brits and what we are like as a country, our habits, our traditions and our legacy, we are a formidable nation!

Hugh explores lots of different areas, from our amazing amount of islands to our obsession with the weather, he is a natural commentator and his witty observations are just perfect.

The more I read the book the more I saw myself in some of the pages, when asked about the weather I find it natural to give at least a two day forecast plus what the next hour is going to be like and one thing I  have discovered is that I am really proud to be part of Britain and that is coming from me at home in Scotland!

Britain is having a renaissance period again, I remember when Cool Britannia was all the rage back when Tony Blair was PM and Blur and Oasis where fighting on the charts and on the streets, Ever since the Olympics and Wills and Kate, it is cool again to be British and this book celebrates our nation warts and all!

I award Britty Britty Bang Bang 4 out of 5

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