Review - Divergent (Movie)

So many many weeks after the rest of the world I finally got to see Divergent, my friends and I went to the local cinema on Sunday to see what all the fuss was about, something about the number 4?

Now believe it or not I have read the book - you can see my review here -  and it is superb, cannot fault it at all and as is the case with all books that are adapted in to movies I was a little bit scared for this one, especially after (WARNING THIS IS CONTROVERSIAL) the casting of Theo James as Four/Tobias, I was just not sure how he would be as my beloved Dauntless badass.  I had only seen him previously in The Inbetweeners Movies playing an obnoxious prat and that had put me off him, fickle I know!

Shailene Woodley is, however, perfectly cast of Beatrice "Tris" Prior the stiff who becomes a lean mean fighting machine and the actor who played Peter was also very well cast as the obnoxious initiate.

The film looks visually amazing, Chicago looks perfect, exactly how I imagined it with the skyscrapers with holes in them, grass growing up the roads, it's the perfect dystopian city.  A couple of things that were actually better than how I imagined them include the fence surrounding the city, it was massive I had pictured it a lot smaller and the houses that Abnegation lived in, for some reason I had imaginged them as little bungalows but it makes much more sense with what is on the screen.

I am not going to go in to the plot too much as I imagine most of you have either read the book or plan to, and the link to my review is above, but the movie is set in a futuristic Chicago after a unknown war has destroyed the rest of the country and possibly the world, the citizens of the city live their lives depending on what faction they are part of:

Abnegation -Selfless
Dauntless - Brave
Candor - Honesty
Erudite - Intelligence
Amity - Peace 

The film starts with Tris's test to find out what will be the best faction for her, it unfortunately for her it brings up several factions which means she is Divergent and this is extremely dangerous for her.  The ruler of Erudite wants to rid the city of all Divergence as she sees them as a threat, she wants people to do as they are told, not ask questions and fight back.

As the film progresses Tris has her chosing ceremony which sees her decide upon Dauntless and her brother chooses Erudite, this scene is not for the squeamish lots of cutting hands, my friend Velcro did make a good point in that I hope they cleaned the knife after each person! 

From here Tris and the rest of her fellow Dauntless initiates learn to become fearless, strong, to be the best in all fields of combat, along the way there are casualties as the worst performing initiates are thrown out to become faction-less.

The story is I would say true to the book, as usual there are some scenes from the book that have been taken out  but I don't think this damages the film in anyway at all.

The film goes by very quickly and before you know it the final scenes where Tris discovers Erudite are up to no good and the Dautless run riot, controlled by computers, killing innocents without any remorse.

We all know there are another two books, I am looking forward to seeing Insurgent on the big screen, I still can't bring myself to read Allegiant after stupidly reading the Amazon reviews before my copy arrived and some idiot having a huge massive spoiler in their review.

Anyway I would give Divergent 4 out of 5

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