Review - Doctor Who: The Bog Warrior by Cecelia Ahern

Thank you to the publishers and NetGallery for providing me with a copy

I love many many things and one of those things is Doctor Who, I loved it when I was young and when it was rebooted with Christopher Ecclestone at the helm of the blue box, I fell in love with it all over again.  So when I noticed that this book was available for review I jumped at the chance.

Doctor Who Time Trips is a series of shorts stories each written by a different author who handles a different Doctor, The Bog Warrior has been written by Cecelia Ahern better known for books such as PS I Love You.

It had all the hallmarks of being a good book but I am afraid to say I just didn't like it at all, I tried and you know what I always feel bad if I don't like a book considering time and effort that goes in to them but sorry this did not hit the spot.

This story was about the Tenth Doctor, now if I am a getting my calculations right, that was the amazing David Tennant, who brought tons of energy as well as mystery to the role, this incarnation of him in the book was just deadly flat, I felt no spark from him at all, yes I know it's a book but it should have the character of the Doctor jumping out of the page at me not just lie there and make you do all the work.

I did start to lose interest in the story but it seems to be a sort of Cinderella tale based on a planet where the Prince Zircon has to chose a bride from the bog people but the path of true love never runs smooth and he wants to marry Princess Ash whose parents where done away with by the Queen.

I really tried but this book just did not hit the mark at all, I am sorry but the Doctor was dreary and unexciting and we all know he is nothing like that.

Doctor Who: The Bog Warrior is awarded 1 out of 5

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