Review - Don't Look Back by Jennifer L Armentrout

Thank you to Chapter 5 for my copy - I won it in their competition!

I tweeted this afternoon that this review would consist of one word - Awesome!!  But after some careful consideration this afternoon, I have decided I can manage to type a few more words than just that.

So let me start by having a gush of adoration first!  Let me take you back to my first Jennifer L Armentrout purchase, I can actually remember it clearly, October 2012, Gatwick Airport, having just flow back from sunny Orlando we had a 9 hour stop before our flight up to a very cold Glasgow.  

I deserted my family in search of our daily newspaper and found myself wandering in one of the many shops in the North Terminal, me being me it was a bookshop!  One book caught my eye, A book I had already been eyeing up on Amazon, that book was Obsidian but hold on a minute there was another book leaning against it, that book was Onyx.  I was a happy bunny killing two birds with one stone, I don't think I actually got the paper but I did get to read about the very handsome Mr Black.

I loved these first two books, Daemon Black and the rest of the Lux novels are firm favourites of mine, and after reading them I started looking for more of Jennifer's work to read and over the last few years I have read many more of her books but I am ashamed to admit I have yet to read the Covenant series but that is something I can look forward to!

So back to the main reason for me taking up pixels on your screen, Don't Look Back, I actually won my copy, I never win anything so I was squeaking with excitement when I found out I had won, my husband just looked at me with disgust (*in hushed voice* he doesn't read) so this book was totally loved before I even got it through the post.

Samantha Franco is our leading lady, the book begins with her being found after having disappeared from home for several days, but she hasn't run away, something bad has happened to her, something horrible that has left her traumatised and robbed of all her memories.

Her parents are understandably glad to have her back home, but they are strangers to her, she cannot remember anything, she has a brother Scott, a boyfriend Del and a whole host of friends who love her but they just draw a blank, she could have just met them, and literally she is just meeting them at least as post memory loss Sam.

What is even worse is that the night she went missing she was not alone, her best friend Cassie was with her and she is still missing.  Sam tries her best to remember and she does remember little tiny bits but she is struggling to cope with who she is never mind getting her memories back.

Who is she is?  Well she is rich, totally loaded infact living in the lap of luxury and when I pictured her pre memory loss self it looks like this-

Yep that's right she was a complete self centred bitch, since become BFF's with Cassie she has been a complete cow, her post memory loss self is totally disgusted with who she was and finds it hard to believe she could be so nasty.  Her friends are total Mean Girls, they are vacant and vain with a total love of money and status.  

Her boyfriend Del is gorgeous too and tells Sam how much they were in love and shocks her with the fact that they where sexually active.  But Sam struggles to remember any feelings for him, though she tries it just aint happening but that could be down to Carson, the son of one of her parents hired help, a young man who she was the best of friends with when she was a youngster but she had treated like dirt prior to her memory loss.  But now she is once more disgusted with how she treated him and also notices that he is a little on the hot side!

Her friends and foes literally swap over, the people who she was constantly around before she can't stand and the people she avoided and tormented before she wants in her life.
Whilst she is struggling to adjust to her life, she starts to receive a series of notes, warning her about looking in to Cassie's disappearance but she doesn't stay missing for long her body is found and Sam is the number 1 suspect.

Along with the letters she also starts seeing things and thinks she is going mad, a particularly scary scene near the lake definitely will give you chills.

Now I won't describe anymore of the story for fear of giving away spoilers, this is one book that you should go in to with maybe a brief idea of whats going on so you can appreciate its awesomeness even more.

What I can say is that the focus becomes centered upon the search for Cassie's killer, Sam tries to retrace her steps from that night but finds that people are not giving her the full story, she doesn't know who to trust, who can she turn to?

This book is just amazing, honestly I was blown away by it, It gripped me from the start and just about everyone in the book fell under my suspicion and when I found out who the killer was I was like.....

OK So I wanted to sneak a picture of Tom Hiddleston in here, LOL

Okay gratuitous Hiddleston pic out of the way, excellently written, excellent characters, I know I have not done this book justice in this review, I actually want to go back and read it again which is something I haven't had with a book for a long time.  I think I am right in saying this is just a standalone book but I would love to find out what happens with Carson and Sam in the future, maybe a novella?!

I also mentioned on Twitter that this book reminded me of Twin Peaks, I mean that as a huge compliment, I loved it when I was younger it was dark and mysterious, with a little bit of glam thrown in and this book had all of these things in spades.

Anyway, buy it, its AWESOME!! 

Don't Look Back gets 5 out of 5

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