Review - Inspire Me by Jenna Dales

I was kindly supplied with a copy from the publisher via Net Galley

If I was reviewing the cover alone I'd give it 10 out of 5! but I'm not so lets go to the story itself, written by Jenna Dales, Inspire Me is the first book in the Hot Rod series.

Ad Exec Lily is no shrinking violet but when she literally runs in to Raine Reyes - now is it me or is Raine a girl's name, I would have preferred him to have a manlier name, he comes to her rescue as she crashes her bike in to his car.

He takes her back to his garage and makes sure she is ok but they have instant attraction and things end up getting steamy!

He can't get her out of his head, and she keeps remembering their encounter too, luckily for Lily she took a couple of photo's to remind herself  but unfortunately one of them ends up in the hands of her hard to please client and before they know it Lily and Raine are thrown together again as Raine is used as the model for her client's campaign.

His good looks being a sure fire hit, but being a man obsessed with his hot rod business will he be able to cope with his new position.

This book was ok, there was a ton of sex in it so if you like that, you will love this, Lily is also a lot older than Raine.

Together they rediscover forgotten ambitions and forge together with new ones.

This book wasn't really for me but it was well written and the sparks certainly flew when the two were together.

Inspire Me is awarded award 3 out of 5

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