Review - The P45 Diaries by Ben Hatch

BBC Radio 4 Book of the Year!
Also by the same author Road to Rouen and Are we there yet?

Everywhere I went on Amazon this book seemed to follow me, any book I bought it seemed to appear stealthily below working its way on to my wish list then before I knew it, it had had downloaded itself on to my Kindle.  It was sneaky I had actually intended to buy Road to Rouen instead!

As usual I do the bulk of my reading at night, whilst reading this I found myself bursting in to laughter in the wee small hours only to be shouted at by my grumpy husband who does not appreciate a fine funny book.

Anyway I am rambling as usual lets get to the book!

Jay Golden is 18, words can not describe this adorable hardworking I give up, this young man!  He is still lives at home with his younger brother Charlie and his dad who is a BBC big wig and also very short, their favourite meal is chicken curry.  He also has an older sister Sarah who is getting married but the main woman in his life, his mum is no longer with them, a hard working woman who battled against but unfortunately lost her life to cancer.

Jay is typical of teenagers these day (God I am showing my age, I'll be saying it wasn't like that in my day next) in expecting the world on a silver platter but his dad has other plans, he needs to work.  But Jay doesn't want to bother with such trivialities as working, no he wants to be a writer and nothing will stand in his way.

But his dad is a man on a mission, he works all the hours that God sends and Jay must work, he works his way through an employment agency, McDonalds, selling lawnmowers, kebab shop and a few more plus some visits to the Job Centre, each job he treats with no respect at all and to be honest how he didn't get sacked earlier is beyond me!  

He is ably supported in his loafing by his girlfriend, he dreams of going to Africa to become an aid worker showing everyone he can do it but alas no, he just goes from one disaster to the next including a leaky van the annoys the hell out of his girlfriends dad.

Other notable things about Jay are that he is a selfish hypochondriac with a penchant for phoning BBC celebrities from a stolen phone book, these phone calls make for some of the funniest bits of the book.

This book reminded me of a modern day Adrian Mole, written in diary form it is a joy to read, it's both exceedingly funny but also tear-jerkingly sad when he flashes back to his mother's last days, Jay was truly the apple of his mother's eye and he misses her, understandably, a lot.  

Jay is helped out by brilliant supporting characters, his family and co-workers along with some celebrities add to this books charm.  I actually hope like the aforementioned Mr Mole we maybe find out about Jay as he hopefully matures!

This book offers so much to the reader and I hope you enjoyed my review and then press the buy button below to stick it on your Kindle!  I might actually get around to buying Road to Rouen now since this book has stopped stalking me!

The P45 Diaries I award 5 out of 5

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