Review - Scandalize Me by Caitlin Crews

Thank you to Harlequin and NetGalley for providing me with a copy
Scandalize Me is released on the 24th June 2014

This is book number 2 in the Fifth Avenue series, a trilogy of books following the lives of three men, their pasts and their loves.

Book number 1, Avenge Me from Maisey Yates kick started the story in awesome style, can book number 2 live up to it?

It does! Following Austin and Katy's tale in Avenge Me we heard a little about Hunter Grant, he was the rich jock boyfriend of Sarah Michael's who if you are familiar with Avenge Me killed herself after becoming entangled with Jason Treffen, Austin's father, women's advocate, lawyer and general all round nasty lying piece of work.

The woman at the centre of Scandalize Me is Zoe Brook, a hugely successful PR guru who has Hunter in her sights, she plans to use him to enact revenge on Jason but she has a massive task on her hands, Hunter is from an extremely wealthy family but rather than follow what his parents wanted for him he became a sportsman and he has been plagued by his terrible reputation at both work and play.

Zoe gradually gets Hunter to become more involved in worthwhile things including teaching sport at a rundown school which is also coincidentally the same school that Sarah Michael's went to, and as Zoe increases his popularity she find herself getting more and more attracted to him, she is also hiding a secret from him, the reason why she wants to bring down Jason Treffen.

Scandalize Me is a fabulous juicy read, Hunter is a complete arrogant self centred pain in the ass at the start of the book and it made me wonder why Zoe bothered with him, he seemed a total lost cause but as the book progresses he makes a transformation and actually starts giving a shit about what he is doing and he also is trying his damnedest to get Zoe in his bed.

The sparks that fly between these two are totally amazing, from the moment they first meet they just bounce off each other, Zoe is not shy and retiring by any means.

Not one for spoilers, this book has a satisfactory conclusion and Jason Treffen's coffin is getting more and more nails in it.

This series is one to add to your reading list ladies and I look forward to read Alex's story in Expose Me.

Scandalize Me is awarded 5 out of 5

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