Review - Synchronic: 13 Tales of Time Travel by Various

Thank you to Ann Christy for very kindly providing me with an advance copy!

Publishing Date: 22nd May 2014

I had seen rumours and whispers about this book on the Twittersphere and Facebook, so when Ann asked if I would a look at the book, I couldn't type back my positive reply quick enough.  This book is a collection of 13 stories by 13 amazing authors, some of them I knew through my love of all things silo related and others I was unfamiliar with, but the one thing they have in common is the subject - Time Travel.

Yes time travel, an extremely difficult subject (well in my eyes), we have all heard of The Butterfly Effect, Just one wrong step in the past and you could wipe out yourself or your entire family or .......

See it's tricky, but these guys have done an awesome job of writing 13 tales, and each of them different, some are spacey, some are futuristic, some are set in the present, some in the past but they are all well written and amazingly thought provoking, I spent minutes trying to get my head round some of the logistics of travelling through time.

Some of them are also sad, when children are involved, loved ones separate by the fabric of time, never knowing when they will see their beloved again.

I won't single out my favourite one but I will give you a brief idea about each of the stories!

The Santa Anna Gold by Michael Bunker
A father and son search for the legendary Santa Anna Gold, but the son wants to go back in time to find it.

Corrections by Susan Kaye Quinn
Psychologists enter the minds of criminals on Death Row to try and prevent them committing their crimes.

Hereafter by Samuel Peralta
Cpl Caitlyn McAdams meets a man who keeps reappearing in her life, a man she saw die in front of her.

Reentry Window by Eric Tozzi
The first manned mission to Mars and the discovery of a strange anomaly on the red planet.

The Swimming Pool of the Universe by Nick Cole
Alien spiders (this made me go eeek!) and an asteroid, Private Dexter Keith has his hands full.

The River by Jennifer Ellis
Sarah Williams betrays her running partner stealing his invention to go back in time and make things right.

A Word in Pompey's Ear by Christopher G Nuttall
Julia, a student of the Roman Empire gets a chance to meet Pompey the Great and try and change history.

Rock or Shell by Ann Christy
The opportunity to go back and change something embarrassing or bad, but what if we could all do it?

The Mirror by Irving Belateche
Peter Cooper turns his fortunes around but discovers an old mirror that is hiding a secret.

Reset by MeiLin Miranda
Catherine has withdrawn from life and her best friend Sandy wants to know why, what is she hiding?

The Laurasians by Isaac Hooke
A paleontologists travels back in time and comes face to face with the fossils he has been uncovering.

The First Cut by Edward W Robertson
A future where parallel Earths exist, Blake Din needs to stop criminals jumping between Earth's.

The Dark Age by Jason Gurley
An astronaut heading for the stars leaving his family behind, about to enter hibernation sleep for 150 years.

So as you can see they are each very different!  I hope you enjoy this book as much as I did, my only complaint, some stories were too short and a couple too long.

Synchronic is awarded 4 out 5


  1. Thanks Heather! As always, your reviews give me a grin. Love the choice of gif, too. Cracked me up.

    1. I do try! It was a good read! Well when I thought of time travel there is one man who springs to mind - The Doctor!

  2. Thanks for taking the time to read! It's exciting, as "Synchronic" is my official debut in science fiction :-)

    1. Well it was a good debut! Well done!! Loved Synchronic and had a laugh taking part in it Facebook release day!


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