Reviews Coming Up In The Next Few Weeks - June 2014

May has been a busy blogging month for me, I have done several blog tours and been involved in some wonderful promotions.

I have also came across some brilliant new authors, rediscovered some old ones and generally immersed myself in a ton of books!

A few firsts happened this month, the bads - I gave my first one and two star reviews and I cannot express how guilty I felt, I know I have to be very honest in my reviews but considering how long books can take to write I just felt bad.

The good? I was nominated for a Liebster award! This was a lovely surprise and as a relatively new blogger still very unexpected.

Now as usual the list I will show below is what I would like to read, it doesn't always work that way!

So what do I have coming up for June, well I have had a huge amount of Net Galley books, which I am over the moon plus some great ARC's from some lovely publishers so without further ado lets look!

Ok, first on the list is Roopa Farooki's The Good Children, can I just say this book in the flesh is beautiful, the cover I think is amazing!  Starting in 1940's Lahore, Four siblings are brought up to be good by their repressive mother, one by one they leave the nest and lead their own lives.  Next is Station Eleven, another book that in the flesh is stunning, this is a dystopian but not one I have ever experienced before, I'm actually half way through this and I am loving it, a epidemic has wiped out 99% of the Earth's population, it goes back in forth over the 20 years since the world was destroyed, the story focuses on a travelling theatre company, it is awesome!  Continuing the dystopian theme, to be honest there is a lot of them this month is The End by G. Michael Hopf, it is very close to the bone, I'm also reading this just now (I'm a woman I can multitask!) it follows a family as they cope with the aftermath of an EMP wiping out electrics, nukes destroying Washington DC and of course all the hell the breaks loose afterwards, it is also an amazing read and a stark reminder of something that could one day happen.

I was very kindly sent a copy of The Good Children by Headline
I was very kindly sent a copy of Station Eleven by Pan MacMillan
I was very kindly sent a copy of The End via Net Galley

Charlaine Harris is a huge part of my reading life, one I read the first Sookie Stackhouse book, I worked my way through the rest of her catalogue, she is also a huge part of my furniture with several of her hardbacks propping up my daughter's bed, anyway this new series looks good, I think it's going to be good to see how she gets on after Sookie, it does get mixed reviews on Amazon but I'll let you know what I think soon.  Tom Vowler's That Dark Remembered Day will be the first of his books that I have read, it's description is chilling - one family, one town, devastated by one tragic event, I'm expecting good things from this one.  Make You Mine by Macy Beckett is the first book in the Dumont Bachelors series, for 99 years every man in the Dumont family has stayed a bachelor, they think they are cursed, can Marc break the spell when he meets Allie?

I purchased Midnight Crossroad with my own shiny pennies!
Thank you to Headline for kindly sending copies of That Dark Remembered Day & Make You Mine

A second chance at first love, J.L.Berg's Ready for You follows Garrett as the woman who vanished from his life reappears, it sounds like a nice contemporary romance, I also have Blame It in the Fame by Tracie Banister which looks good, it has a bitch, a has-been, a skank, a quiet one and the unknown one all trying to get a coveted gold award.  It sounds like its going to be a riot!  Jennifer Ellis's In the Shadows of the Mosquito Constellation is another book with a beautiful cover, just gorgeous, set in a world that has been torn apart by an economic collapse, surviving each day is the main goal but when a deadly virus starts to spread how will people cope?  It focuses on a group of survivors and there lives, loves and loyalty. It looks good!

Thank you to Ink Slinger PR for sending me a copy of Ready for You
I purchased Blame It on the Fame myself!
Jennifer Ellis very kindly send me a copy of Mosquito Constellation

Sinead Moriarty is being compared a lot to Marian Keyes, I've been looking forward to reading this, it centres on a couple who have been married for ten years and the trials and tribulations they have faced and are about to face, with the comparisons to Marian I'm expecting laughter, tears and compelling characters.   The Young World is a book I have heard lots of good things about especially on Twitter, written by film director Chris Weitz (Twilight New Moon, American Pie, Golden Compass) it has a dystopian feel, only teenagers have survived a deadly virus, how will they cope in the ruins of the world.   Another book that seems hugely popular is The Girl with all the Gifts, Not every gift is a blessing, Melanie is a very special girl and it sounds like this book is going to be a thrilling read, written by M.R.Carey, it has been getting some fantastic reviews.

I was very kindly sent a copy of Mad about you from Penguin
Net Galley very kindly provided me with a copy of The Young World and The Girl with all The Gifts

The next three definitely fall in to dystopian, I have Virginia Bergin's The Rain which has rain wiping out the population, nobody knew till it was too late and Ruby is left by herself to cope.  The Doomsday Kids, well the cover shows you what I am in for, the mushroom cloud is not a sight anybody wants to see, eight kids surviving by themselves in a post apocalyptic world by Karyn Folan, ARV-3 also set in a post apocalyptic landscape, survivors discovering they are not alone, it sounds extremely good too, I am such a huge fan of dystopian fiction and the sheer quality of dystopian fiction these days is amazing, what was my first dystopian book I hear you shout, 1984 by Orwell the quintessential classic tale of Big Brother.

I was provided with all three of these books by Net Galley

Also heard lots of good things about Neal Doran's Not What They Were Expecting, Rebecca and James are over the moon to have the pitter patter of tiny feet heading their way but the road to baby bliss has several bumps ahead, The Last Human by Ink Pieper is another dystopian (did I mention I love this genre you would never guess), the cover is perfect the red against the dark background, the world has collapsed, a teenager fends for himself, can he survive?  The Apple Tart of Hope is by Sarah Moore Fitzgerald, Oscar one of the world's best bakers of apple pies has vanished, nobody seems concerned except for his friend and brother, can they discover where he has gone?

All of the above three where kindly sent to me by Net Galley

Mila Gray is a pen name of Sarah Alderson whose Lila books are high on my favourite books listing, Come Back to Me is a scorching tale of a hot Marine and the girl he should stay away from, if its as good as Lila well it will be heading for 5 stars.  Carrie Patel's The Buried Life again is another amazing cover, featuring murder and intrigue in the underground city of Recoletta, it does sound like it will be an amazing read, its published by Angry Robot books who I have several other books from, their catalogue is amazing. Bestseller Victoria Fox returns with Power Games, seven celebrities and seven sins, one man seeking revenge, it looks like it'll be a rip roaring read.

Sarah Alderson very kindly sent me a copy of Come Back To Me
The Buried Life and Power Games were sent to me via Net Galley

Lastly I have Soldier On by Sydney Logan and Soren: The Angel and The Prize Fighter by Louise Nicks, Soldier On is the story of Stephanie who after losing her father in Desert Storm is not on the best of terms with the military, can she find love with the gorgeous Brandon, a soldier even though she knows she may get her heart broken.  Soren is by Louise Nicks, this is her debut novel with a feisty lead character in Beau a teenager who has to literally fight to make her way in the world, it also has an amazing cover don't you think? and books where angels are involved are up there with dystopian books, I love them!

Both Sydney and Louise very kindly sent me copies of their novels

So that is all, there will be more, there may be some I don't mange but this is a taster, are any of these on your list, have you read any and if so let me know what you thought!

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  1. Some of these look amazing, I want so badly to get hold of them! Also I did get the link you tweeted for my Liebster Award nomination and I'll be answering those questions tomorrow!!

    Katrina @ Chased By My Imagination

    1. Can't wait for your answers, I had such fun doing it! Yep so far the ones I have read have been good, but having to try and read a dystopian then a cheery one then another dystopian and so on, as it can become a little depressing!


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