Special Offer - Beneath The Trap Door Series by AA Pencil

AA Pencil 's chilling tale The Reunion  is on sale now for 99c/77p - 

A high school reunion of misfits soon turns into a weekend in a hell-house.

Soon after the guests arrive, strange happenings begin to occur leading to the death of two of the friends. The survivors find themselves locked in a rented mansion which has its own secrets. With each devilish event, a new suspect emerges. With each new death, the remaining guests’ distrust of one another grows exponentially. Friends become enemies and enemies become co-conspirators.

Newly released! Book 2 in the Beneath The Trap Door Series from AA Pencil

Melissa Andrews is scheduled for execution by lethal injection but wakes up in a secluded mental asylum with its own dark secrets.

When her questions are unanswered, she has no choice but to form alliances and infiltrate her captors' barriers. Little does she know that she is the center of one of the asylum's major plots.

What will she uncover about the institution and herself and will she find a way to escape before it's too late?

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