Review - The Wit and Wisdom of Tyrion Lannister by George R. R. Martin

Published by Harper Voyager - 7th November 2013
I purchased this copy myself

Following his amazing trial on tv on Sunday or Monday night depending on where you live, I thought today I would pay tribute to the biggest silver tongued bad assed dwarf around, yes that's right please stand up for Tyrion Lannister.

I make no secret of love of Game of Thrones, not since the Lord of the Rings has a book knocked me truly for six.  As readers of this awesome epic know it has everything - family drama, sex, violence, supernatural, dragons, icy zombies and a totally massive cast of characters.

Tyrion has to be one of, if not, my favourite character from the series, yes I am partial to Jon "Bastard" Snow, Yara Greyjoy is also a favourite, I could name a few more, but whenever he appears on the page or on screen I know it's going to be good.

The Wit and Wisdom of Tyrion Lannister is exactly what it says on the tin, it is a collection of his quotes from the book, separated in to different categories such as Romance, Family Values and Food & Drink.

This is by no means a long book, each page has either a few sentences or an illustration of the man himself but each sentence reminds us of his silver or his poisoned tongue depending on the circumstance.

I would say this is a book for the more die hard Game of Thrones fan, as yes you could just get the information in this book straight from the books but I truly think he is one of the most popular figures from the series and he has all the best lines so yes I think he deserves this!

I am going to give this 4 out of 5

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